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Guadalupe, Cebu City

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Driving the Ford Wildtrak and XLT in uphill Cebu

ford philippines cebu wildtrak and xlt 2019

During the Ford Philippines media drive last month, I got to drive around and visit some attractions in the mountains of Cebu, along the National Transcentral Highway. Included in the itinerary were a flower garden and lettuce farms where we got to deliver plastic drums to the farmers and delivered …

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Global Hand Washing Day

In celebration of the Global Hand washing Day, Safeguard by P&G pushes the campaign of teaching kids common places/things they see every day where germs are present. Safeguard managed to teach the graders of Mabolo Elementary School in a creative way where the kids had fun while learning. Also the …

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The Reasons Why You should Cruise with Antipodes

Here are some reasons why antipodes is the Trimaran for you. 1. Antipodes has techy gadgets. PY Antipodes is equipped with the highest standard marine technology, not to mention its “Auto Pilot” function and state of the art maritime electronics. 2. Antipodes is big enough for you to run around. …

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Cafe Laguna @ 24

Just this September 28 2015, Cafe Laguna celebrated its 24th epic anniversary! It was a blast of foooooooood! Offering the best Filipino main dishes to the all time Filipino deserts, you just can’t get enough of. Just one visit to the buffet table won’t suffice cause the temptation to taste …

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Set Sail with PY ANTIPODES

PY Antipodes was born in Carmen Cebu year 2009. He started its maiden voyage from Carmen to Maribago waters in the island of Mactan sometime in 2009. He was chartered by Joil R & T Corporation, tour operator of then Imperial Palace Waterpark and Spa Resort. For about 4 years …

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Salu-Salu with Tomas Osmeña

Recently, I received an invitation to join a dinner with Tomas Osmeña, former mayor of Cebu City. Honestly, I hate politicians because of experiences and their lies, but I thought of why not giving this dinner a shot maybe it would change my perspective, and so I accepted the invitation. …

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Yamaha: Truly revs your heart

Most companies don’t really coincide with their slogans. Some reaches to the point that they change it because they can’t fulfill the promises they make. Well there’s one company I know of that truly follows their slogan; Yamaha. Yamaha’s slogan “revs your heart” is unlike other slogans that are there …

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Exit Now: Can you find your way out?

It’s always very easy to find the exit door because of its big, unmistakable sign. But what if there’s no sign and there are obstacles on getting through the exit? Sounds like fun, right? Fortunately, there’s a new game in town. EXIT NOW, located at the 2nd floor of City …

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Patty’s 1st Anniversary Zumba Party!

In return to the people of Lagtang, Talisay for the support given, Patty’s bakeshop decided to have a party with a twist. Not like the usual, this party involves you dripping those sweat and burning those fat you accumulated from the big meal you just ate! What you are thinking …

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