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Quiz: How well do you know the Cebuano language?

It is sad reality that a slew of Cebuanos mix up their dialect, in some ways, with other languages like English and Tagalog for several possible reasons or situations. Even I, myself, am guilty of it. Though it doesn’t really mean we are ditching our own language, right? And definitely …

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Quiz: Guess Where in Cebu

Guess Where in Cebu

With its world-class beaches, amazing attractions, rich culture, and booming economy, Cebu surely gives us fun and interesting travel experience from the southern to the northern tip of Cebu. But do you think you already have revolved around the province? Or at least know the places? Take this test to …

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University Quiz: How well do you know UP Cebu?

UP Cebu

University of the Philippines or commonly called as UP is one of the most prominent and well respected universities all over the country. In fact, it is considered as the country’s national university with a system composed of seven constituent universities and one autonomous college spread throughout 15 campuses in …

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University Quiz: How well do you know Velez College?

Velez College

As one of the globally recognized institutions of academic excellence, Velez College continues to develop student clientele socially, culturally, intellectually, and spiritually. It has been a home of topnotchers in the field of medicine for decades now. Are you a proud Velezian? Take this test to know how well do …

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University Quiz: How well do you know CNU?


A tributary of Philippine Normal University, Cebu Normal University (CNU) is one of the most popular universities (if not the most popular) for aspiring teachers. But today, CNU has become much more than a home of top-notchers for teachers. It has also produced competent and world-class graduates of Arts and …

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University Quiz: How well do you know SWU?

SWU Cebu

As one of the oldest and well-known universities in Cebu and in the Philippines, Southwestern University has indeed become a producer of world class graduates imbued with Scientia, Integritas, and Fidelitas in both Paramedical and Non-Paramedical programs. Are you a proud Cobra? Take this test and find out how well …

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University Quiz: How well do you know DBTC?

dbtc don bosco cebu

ARDUA NON TIMEO! Best known for its excellence in technical training and sports (most especially in soccer/football), Don Bosco Technology Center (DBTC) continues to uphold its commitment to mold Bosconians to become good Christians and honest Filipino citizens according to the pedagogy and spirituality of St. John Bosco. As they …

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