The Reasons Why You should Cruise with Antipodes

Here are some reasons why antipodes is the Trimaran for you.

1. Antipodes has techy gadgets.

forgot to take a picture of the control area,
solar panels, I know it’s not that techy but I was sea sick

PY Antipodes is equipped with the highest standard marine technology, not to mention its “Auto Pilot” function and state of the art maritime electronics.

2. Antipodes is big enough for you to run around.

You can’t have fun in a small place, luckily Antipodes is big enough! It has a max capacity of 60 persons. Now imagine how huge is that!

3. Antipodes has a very friendly and accomodating crew


A trip with a bad crew sucks. The crew of antipodes are very jolly and helpful. They even catched a fish for us :smile:

4. Antipodes has snorkle equipments for you to use.

Le me
Le me

You’ll now leave those snorkles behind cause antipodes got you covered. Snorkels and flippers are available for your convenience so you could enjoy the view below!

5. Antipodes is one fine yacht.

I must say without bias that Antipodes is one very awesome yacht! Why? Because it’s Antipodes! Try it for yourself and experience ANTIPODES

Note: Some photos are from Carlo Olano of and from the antipodes website

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