Salu-Salu with Tomas Osmeña


Recently, I received an invitation to join a dinner with Tomas Osmeña, former mayor of Cebu City. Honestly, I hate politicians because of experiences and their lies, but I thought of why not giving this dinner a shot maybe it would change my perspective, and so I accepted the invitation.


In his house, he showed us how cooking calms his exhausted body from tremendous work loads and appointments. You really can’t say that he did “the cooking” only to impress us because there’s a bacon slicer oin the kitchen and he really does know his ingredients well. I mean who would buy a bacon slicer when they’re not serious in cooking?


We talked and talked about politics (it was the first time I really paid attention to this topic). I noticed that he wasn’t using any special silverware while eating his crab and his pinky wasn’t raising! I was shocked while watching him. He really is a simple man indeed.

After the dinner, Mayor Tomas had to go off for an appointment (he knew that he had an appointment but chose to be late because I think he loved the chat). Councilor Margarita Osmeña took over the talk. She gladly shared how his husband Tomy really loved to cook to the extent he got caught cooking in a hotel room. She even shared the happenings when they had their honeymoon. It was really an epic one, just like in the movies (not the romantic type, but an interesting one).

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