Cafe Laguna @ 24

Just this September 28 2015, Cafe Laguna celebrated its 24th epic anniversary! It was a blast of foooooooood! Offering the best Filipino main dishes to the all time Filipino deserts, you just can’t get enough of. Just one visit to the buffet table won’t suffice cause the temptation to taste them all is too strong and you just have to come again and again ,good bye diet!

Serenaded with Original Pinoy Music (OPM), you could really feel the Filipino aura flowing around Cafe Laguna. I strongly suggest that if you want a taste of exquisite Filipino dishes , Cafe Laguna must be on your list!

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Hoven Andre Encontro
Hoven Andre Encontro
"Cebu is home; nothing beats home"

Guadalupe, Cebu City

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  1. Very accommodating. The food is quite good. I love the ambiance of the restaurant. Good for everyone especially Filipinos to taste their own Filipino Dish.


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