LIST: 8 Places that do not feel like you’re in Cebu

Cebu has countless of tourist spots and places to discover and experience.

But have you ever thought that some of these places can be mistaken to be outside Cebu. There are attractions that if you are not familiar with or haven’t been to will make you doubt that it really is here in Cebu.

Here we’ve listed eight of the attractions or places that didn’t seem to be in Cebu.

1. Temple of Leah “Athens Greece”

Reflecting a Roman Architecture, just from that Temple of Leah is already hard to imagine in Cebu. This temple of love is so enormous and grand that  it kind of reminds you of the structures of Athens Greece.


  • Exact Location: Landon Heights Roosevelt, Busay, Cebu City — few meters away from Temple of Leah and Mountain View Nature’s Park, and 15-20 minutes away from JY Square or city proper.
  • Operating hours: 7AM to 6PM daily
  • Entrance fee: P100 per person (10 years old and below are free)
  • Contact number: (032) 233-5032
  • Full details:

2. Issa’s Haven “Santorini”

Santorini is famous for its blue and white structures lined along the coast.

Looking at Issa’s and knowing that it was inspired by Santorini then there is no shock to its resemblance. It offers amazing panoramic views, pristine white sand beach, and romantic sunsets.


  • Exact Location: Brgy. Looc, Oslob, Cebu — 3-4 hours away from Cebu City
  • Operating hours: Always Open
  • Exclusive use: P20,00 (15-25pax) & P25,000(26-35pax)
  • Contact number: 0915-657-0524
  • Full details:

3. Bojo river “El Nido, Palawan”

Bojo river is considered to be Cebu’s very own version of lagoon ala El Nido, Palawan. With its Bojo River Cruise being both educational on environmental lessons and entertaining, you’ll definitely feel like you are sailing through mangroves and sea treasures somewhere else.


  • Exact Location: Aloguinsan, Southern Cebu — approx. 2 hours away from Cebu City.
  • Operating hours: 8AM to 5PM daily
  • Rate: P650 per person, P850 per head (min of 5 pax for students)
  • Contact number: (032) 469-9042 / 0933 120 9480 / 0997 371 5698
  • Full details:

4. Alhibe “Bali“

Alhibé Farm in the mountains of Carmen, was developed as a natural farm & a boutique mountain getaway.

Bali is famous for their calm vibe and being one with nature especially with water. Now, Alhibe pretty much gives off this vibe as well with its cozy ambience and surrounded by an abundance of water with its spring-fed pool overflowing to man-made creeks watering the surrounding farm and supplying the fishing ponds.


5. The Pyramid “Louvre Museum, Paris”

The Pyramid in Cebu I.T. Park is a postmodern architecture dining place and it looks very familiar as it resembles that of the pyramid structure in Louvre Museum in Paris.

Its form is simply beautiful to see and furthermore it even offers food that will remind you of Paris such as pizza, pasta, salads, cheeses beers, and wines.


6. Buwakan ni Alejandra “Amsterdam”

Sirao has already been coined as “Little Amsterdam” but Buwakan ni Alejandra just takes the trophy as its vibrant flower garden makes for a replica of the Flowers of Amsterdam region with their eye-popping splash of color.


  • Exact Location: Brgy. Gaas, Balamban, Cebu – few meters away from Adventure Cafe (30-45 min drive from JY square or Marco Polo via the scenic Transcentral highway).
  • Operating hours: 7AM to 6PM, Mondays to Sundays — if there’s a storm, they will close the premises to protect the flower garden.
  • Entrance fee: ₱75 per adult, ₱50 per head for Kids, PWD & Senior Citizen
  • Contact Information: 0908-768-9379
  • Full details:

7. Bamboo Forest “Kyoto Japan”

This forest resembles that of Kyoto Japan’s bamboo forest with its raw and undeveloped charm. The beautiful pathway lined with bamboo trees has been the place to play make believe that you’re in Japan wearing Yukata/Japanese Costumes complete with props like umbrellas, slippers and many more.


  • Exact Location: Brgy. Luy-a, Medellin, Northern Cebu – just beside a famous sugarcane plantation in Medellin, approx. 2.5 hours away from the city.
  • Operating hours: 7AM to 8PM (weekdays), 7AM to 10PM (weekends)
  • Entrance fee: P30 per head, Costume rental: P100 per outfit for one-time use
  • Contact Information: 0917 634 2901
  • Full details:

8. Caduawan in Tabogon- Batanes

It’s not even a proper tourist place but just a long winding road of green. Caduawan in Tabogon will remind you of the simple pleasure and raw nature of Batanes.


Have you gone to every one of these places on the list? If not, then you might want to check out what you’ve missed and make sure that they really are in Cebu.

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  1. Yes, that’s right. It’s not located in Carmen, it’s here at the heart of Cebu City, IT Park. Seems like, the Address was copied and pasted from the #4 Information

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  3. #5, The Pyramid’s Info is wrong. Please double check:
    Exact Location: Sito Baucan, Brgy. Sac-on, Carmen, Northern Cebu — at the back of the Cebu Safari & Adventure Park.

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