Buwakan ni Alejandra, Balamban’s gorgeous flower garden

John Ray Aligato

 Brace yourselves, Sugboanons. After Florentino’s – the “Little Tagaytay of Cebu” that captured the attention of thousands of Cebuanos, a new attraction in Balamban is about to steal the spotlight. Introducing Buwakan ni Alejandra, Cebu’s newest pride featuring a vibrant flower garden.

John Ray Aligato
John Ray Aligato
John Ray Aligato

Surprisingly, Buwakan ni Alejandra (which is a Bisaya translation of “Alejandra’s flower garden”) had its soft opening since May 2017 but did not much get attention (until this post was published) probably because of “lack of social awareness” and the rising popularity of its neighboring attractions such as Adventure Cafe and Florentino’s.

Or maybe, some explorers chose not to expose this hidden gem. Remember the Sirao Flower Farm? It went viral on social media, and the management had lost control over the irresponsible crowd on the first few weeks, leaving the farm damaged and in negative condition. Some people were just reckless and lacked consideration, just to get the perfect picture. Many were outraged, and that was the time when responsible tourism once again came to light.

SUGBO REMINDER: We strongly encourage all Sugbo.ph followers or readers to be responsible laagans. Make sure you follow and respect the garden’s rules. Protect and help protect the flowers by also reminding fellow tourists, especially when you see someone already stepping on the flowers. Be responsible of your own trash, and leave no trace behind.

Rates & Other Information

  • Entrance Fee: ₱75 per adult, ₱50 per head for Kids, PWD & Senior Citizen
  • Opening hours: 7AM to 6PM, Mondays to Sundays — if there’s a storm, they will close the premises to protect the flower garden.
  • Contact number: 0908-768-9379
  • Social: Facebook Page

How to get there?

Exact location: Brgy. Gaas, Balamban, Cebu – few meters away from Adventure Cafe (30-45 min drive from JY square or Marco Polo via the scenic Transcentral highway).

  • PUBLIC: Take a V-hire from the Ayala Center Terminal going to Balamban via Transcentral highway route. Fare is P120 per person (one-way). Inform the driver to drop you off at Buwakan ni Alejandra.
  • PRIVATE: Parking space available. Just search for “Buwakan ni Alejandra” in Gaas Balamban via Waze or Google Maps. Buwakan ni Alejandra is just few meters away from Adventure Cafe.
  • RENT: Avail an Uphill Cebu Package Tour (9 Destinations in 1 Day) for only P999 at SquadPH Tours and Travels.

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  4. Since Ayala is momentarily closed is there any other way to go to balamban via transcentral highway (public)? and would you recommend this month(January) to go there? need your immediate reply. thanks! would’ve contacted you via twitter but it’s private.

    • They don’t want to disclose yet their contact number. Other than the flower garden, they do not offer “reservations” or provide food/drinks. For photoshoots, I suggest to go first to the area to check if it meets your expectations before booking the whole place.

    • Our team just went there last weekend. Very nice and vibrant flower blooms. :) This is actually the season when the flowers bloom.

  5. hi sir my barkada are wanted to visit this place, before we decided to set a date, we would like to ask in which month have more flower will be seen? (pick season).thanks


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