13 Reasons Why THE PYRAMID is the Next Big Dining Bistro in Cebu

You do not see a pyramid-shaped bistro every day (unless you work near eBloc 3 because definitely you will). Tread along W. Geonzon St. but try not to turn your heads to this awe-inspiring architecture. People will definitely ask “What’s the name of that place?” It’s not just any place, it’s The Pyramid in Cebu I.T. Park and it’s more than a postmodern architecture but Cebu’s next go-to dining and lifestyle destination.

Here are the 13 reasons why we think it’s the next big thing:

1. Sensational architecture, the first in Cebu.

More than stunning, The Pyramid’s form is simply provoking public interest and excitement. It’s true that you don’t see a pyramid-shaped building around Cebu, but its shape, the lights, the interior and everything about how it looks will surely cling to your senses.


2. Fusion Cuisine. Bringing global culinary cultures in one place.

The restaurant highlights its parade of pizza, pasta, salads, cheeses beers, and wines that are both produced in the local and international. The themed nights are great for that “chillin’ the night” evenings with family and friends.

3. Variety of menus served daily.

Breakfast, brunch, all-day and dinner menus offering specialty selection of entrées for different parts of the day. Apart from the premium wine selection, they also serve coffee and craft beers.

Here are some of the food they serve:

4. Bistro, not fine dining.

Do not be intimidated by how it looks, The Pyramid is classy but is surely not fancy. It is definitely your go-to bistro for casual wine and dining.

5. Surprisingly Affordable

Despite its luxury-looking structure, The Pyramid offers affordable wines and food. Food prices start at P100 while the wines at P250 and above per bottle.

6. “World-class” Wine Selection (from different countries).
7. Accessible Location.

The Pyramid is located at Central Bloc, Cebu I.T. Park, Lahug, Cebu City. Just right across eBloc 3, beside Yakski, and near to Sugbo Mercado I.T. Park.

8. Travel-worthy Attraction.

It will be a tourist destination, that’s the least we could expect. It’s all-white interior design is picture-perfect everywhere you look at, selfie-material wherever you pose at. Every angle is just instagrammable! Why travel to The Louvre in France if we have The Pyramid in Cebu. The bistro is sure to attract local and international jet-setters.

9. Enjoy lengthy stay. Long operating hours.

The Pyramid is open as early as 7AM to serve coffee and breakfast, and closes at 2AM to accommodate guests enjoying their drinks.

10. Art Gallery.
11. Open for exclusive events.

The Pyramid can actually be exclusively booked for weddings, debuts, corporate events, etc., and can accommodate up to 300pax.

12. Morning Yoga. Yes Yoga, you heard that right.

This is a shout out to Yoga lovers, fans, and to all those who need it. The Pyramid will be hosting a Yoga class every morning just before it opens. The Pyramid isn’t your ordinary bistro, as well as Yoga isn’t your ordinary exercise. Its benefits will reach even to your core, healing more than just physically but as well as mentally.
Live well and eat well in The Pyramid.

13. See for yourself.

The Pyramid is definitely the newest lifestyle and dining destination in the city. Words will never be enough to describe this elegantly affordable bistro than experiencing it for yourself.


The Pyramid Menu


The Pyramid Details

Operating hours: 10AM to 3AM (Sunday-Thursday), 10AM to 4AM (Friday-Saturday)
Cuisines: Filipino, American, Italian, Korean
Contact information: [email protected] / Facebook Page
Location: Central Bloc, West Geonzon Road, IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City (near Yakski BBQ / Sugbo Mercado)

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  1. The Pyramid has the worst service ever! I’ve never been so disappointed in my entire life. Our food was served after 40 minutes, but the crispy pat was not served yet and we waited for another 30 minutes for our rice but they still didn’t serve it. We walked away so hungry and furious.

    The waiter was even unprofessional flirting with my friend and saying he’s gonna sit beside him and even made a bad joke about nosebleed coz my friend was speaking in English. Like wtf! So cheap! The people at fastfood chains act more professional. When we asked where our rice is he just said “sorry kaayo sir kay ako ra man gud ang waiter naassign diri dapit.” That’s not our friggin’ fault dude!

    I was so mad coz my gf has medications that she needs to take at 6pm and 8pm and she needs to take eat after meal, and it was almost 9pm and we haven’t eaten. We were there at exactly 7 and was able to order after 15mins.

    The place looks good but that’s just it. Never eat there!

    • I feel you. The waiter we had was so unprofessional and blamed that they have limited staff. It took them 40minutes to clear out the table where we’re sitting. Waited for another 15 minutes for our orders to be taken. Waited an hour for our food. Waited for 30 minutes for our bill. My god! That was a waste of time. The food didn’t even taste good. It was okay. Such a waste of time and money!!!

  2. It has been open a couple weeks now and I have eaten there once. Food is reasonably priced. The waiter apologized for bad service before we ordered and suggested getting a bottle of wine while we waited. My pasta came fairly quickly. The rest of the order for my 2 friends came 40 minutes later. I sent the pasta back for new. Not bad pasta. The pizza was not good according to my friends.
    There was loud annoying background “music” (noise), the same tune played over and over for hours. I was told easier listening music had been recommended but the Korean owner liked that music so that would be played over and over and over. I have walked by there several times since and the loud annoying song (sounds more like thumping machinery) plays over and over and over.

    • We’ve also been hearing this kind of feedbacks lately. It’s quite surprising since this is not the first time for the owners to operate a restaurant in Cebu. Though I think they are trying to improve and are currently hiring experienced cooks and servers.

  3. Good scoop! Looks like a good resto.

    I wonder why you haven’t included the restaurant’s contact details.

    It would help searchers like me a great deal.

  4. I tdisagree with the article. The Pyramid will receive the usual hype on opening wish a few rush days and then it will simmer into the overpriced and unconventional venues. My prediction is it will be closed within a year of opening.
    The location is poor, at the back of the park behind a popular cheap barbecue and a very busy cheap Sugbo Mercado.
    I can’t see customers flocking to the Pyramid on the weekend when the Mercado offers a great deal more for a fraction of the price.
    It will be a neat ghost building after it’s failed business plan.


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