Elephants are now ‘unemployed’ (but enjoying it) after 44 years amid CoVID-19

Since the novel coronavirus (CoVID-19) spread, sad news have circulated the world and its devastating effects to humans are enough to bring us down.

In spite of these, there is still some positive things to focus on. Like the news of the earth healing itself with the halt of human activities. One is, the elephants in Thailand are finally having their much deserved freedom.

Although unemployment is a scary notion for us at these times, the elephants in Thailand are having the time of their life with the break.

Elephant attractions in Thailand, one of the country’s famous tourism activities, have this practice of riding elephants. With CoVID-19 affecting tourism, one park director Anchalee Kalampichit has unburdened the elephants under her care of the heavy benches on their backs.

For the first time in 44 years, the elephants of this park are currently roaming free on the grounds without having the chairs they carry everyday.

These domesticated elephants have been fought for by animal activists to be set free and released in the wild. And now, it seems this is starting to come true since Kalampichit plans to shift focus from offering rides and showing trick to educating tourists on elephants.

We all hope that this will be the start of total freedom for the gentle giants.

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