Haunted History: Uncovering the Legend of Waway

Ever heard of Waway?

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Filipinos are known for being conscious of keeping our houses clean, which is why we often leave our slippers outside to avoid dust and outdoor grime from entering our homes. But many Sugboanons changed their ways back in the early 2000s when a suspected shapeshifting and slipper-spitting serial killer was on the run.

The Terrifying Truth Of Waway

Waway was a real person. Yes, you read that right! His real name was Warlito Toledo, and he was arrested multiple times due to homicide and rape.

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According to police reports, Warlito was charged with reckless imprudence resulting in homicide on November 8, 1989, and he was arrested on December 1, 1999, for the filed rape case; both cases were settled in court. But another rape case surfaced on September 2002; however, this time, Warlito was able to flee from the scene and out of the grasp of the enforcers. Because his whereabouts were unknown, his reputation remained and led him to become one of the suspected killers of the 17-year-old who was raped and murdered five years after his disappearance.

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The Danao police have received calls from concerned citizens around the area about Warlito, then known as Waway, attempting to rape girls and young women in the province. However, not a single woman or family member stepped to the police station to file a case. Until today, Warlito is nowhere to be found, and his absence has only resulted in more stories about his identity being added.

The Urban Legend Of Waway

Each whispered gossip about Waway led to crazy, unbelievable, yet scary stories about the fugitive, and these are some of them:

A heartbroken avenger

According to myths, Waway had a loving wife, and they lived a peaceful life until one night when her screams awoke him. Then he saw the body of his wife all bloody and her clothes ripped off, seemingly symbolizing the rape and murder that happened.

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The residents in their province did not believe Waway, and they thought he was the murderer and, therefore, turned crazy after his wife died. So, in anger for failing to get the justice his wife deserved, he planned to take vengeance on everyone by doing the same thing to their daughters. Legend has it that he slays 40 people a day in the same manner as how his wife died.

A spit to mark his next victim

Because of the initial stories about him being the one who actually murdered his wife, people depicted Waway as someone who has lost his mind and acts similar to an animal with rabies. And when you add a magic amulet to that tale, it turns into a story of a shapeshifting human who turns into an animal with saliva running constantly from its gaping mouth.

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His tale reached urban legend status after stories about him using his saliva to mark his next victim took the streets of Cebu City. According to the words spread by fearmongers, slippers left outside the doors of a household indicate that there are people inside, making Waway think that his next victim is just in its walls. So, he spits on the slipper of his chosen victim during the daytime, and when the night comes, the victim hears a knock on the door announcing Waway’s arrival.

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Holder of a magic amulet

Many believe that Waway is not yet captured because he’s protected by an amulet that he keeps and wears everywhere. This legend was inspired by the ancient culture of Filipinos, where anting-anting or amulets and stones are used for sorcery, protection, and summoning magic.

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It is said that Waway’s amulet can make him invisible and allows him to pass through glass doors and windows. Aside from that, the amulet also grants him a summoning power wherein he would just speak to your slippers or shoes left outside, and it will bind you to a spell that would order you to welcome him inside your home, willing you to be the next victim of his murder spree.

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In conclusion, while the tales of Waway may send shivers down your spine, they have unintentionally served a purpose in maintaining order. As reported by the Danao police department, the fear instilled by these rumors has led to a natural adherence to curfew hours among teens and young children, reducing the need for additional enforcement.

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So, do you believe the stories about Waway, or are they just coincidences with the incidents of Warlito Toledo? Share your thoughts below!

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