Cebuano Weapons Used During the Battle of Mactan

The battle of Mactan was a historical event that took place on April 27, 1521. 500 years later, it is still very relevant. After all, it defined the Filipino spirit of stubbornness to oppose foreign colonizers. Despite the advance weaponry used by the Spaniards against the Cebuano natives, our ancestors …

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The Last Rajah of Cebu

The Battle of Mactan which occurred in April 27, 1521 concluded with the victory of the Cebuano natives. They successfully drove away the Spanish armada, defining the independence of the Philippines from Spain – at least for several years. In 1565, 44 years after they left defeated, they came back …

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The Rich Cebuano History of Raya’s Arnis

1 disney raya arnis cebu

It is 2020, and many things have already changed and happened when compared to the previous decade. Now, the world is more accepting of people of every orientation and every nation. Disney has its fair share of progressiveness as they have been releasing movies that represent all different types of …

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