woMENSTRUAL Leave Policy in PH

“No uterus, no opinion,” said the Filipino netizens.

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In an effort to support women’s health and well being in the workplace the House Bill 6728, also known as the Menstrual Leave Act, has been proposed in the Philippines. This bill aims to provide women with the necessary time off to manage menstrual pain and discomfort without compromising their professional responsibilities or job security.

The Coverage of House Bill 6728

House Bill 6728 designed to be inclusive and supportive, ensuring that a wide range of female employees can benefit from it.

  • The bill covers all female employees, regardless of their employment status permanent,contractual or temporary.This inclusivity ensures that women across different sectors, both public and private, can avail themselves of menstrual leave.
  • Female employees are entitled to a maximum of (2) two days of menstrual leave per month.This leave is separate from regular sick leave and vacation leave, providing additional support specifically for menstrual related issues.

The Benefits of House Bill 6728

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Promotes Women’s Health and Well-Being

House Bill 6728 allows women to take menstrual leave to manage severe menstrual pain or discomfort. By recognizing and addressing this natural aspect of women’s health, the policy fosters a healthier and more supportive work environment.

Enhances Productivity

Allowing women to rest and recover during their menstrual cycle can lead to increased focus and productivity upon their return to work. This contributes to a more efficient and effective workforce overall.

Promotes Gender Equality

By acknowledging and supporting the unique health needs of women, House Bill 6728 underscores the importance of women’s health issues. This policy is a significant step towards promoting gender equality in the workplace.

Increases Job Satisfaction and Retention

Providing menstrual leave can enhance job satisfaction among female employees. When women feel supported and valued, they are more likely to remain with their employer, reducing turnover rates and associated costs.

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House Bill 6728 represents a progressive step towards supporting women’s health and promoting gender equality in the workplace. By providing women with up to two days of menstrual leave each month, the bill aims to improve their well-being and productivity while fostering a more inclusive and supportive​ towards WOMEN.

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