#CebuHorror: Have You Heard of “Minda Mora?”

Cebuano schools are rumored to have bone-chilling horror stories, and paranormal enthusiasts are getting crazy about them!

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The Horrors in Cebuano Schools

Countless urban legends surround Cebuano schools, one of which are horror stories circulated orally, which includes the rumored construction of most schools atop old cemeteries, ghost sightings, and rumored murder killings inside these places.

However, one chilling story has stood out among these horror narratives, and it is the story of Minda Mora. But who is she?

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According to the alleged eyewitnesses and certified Cebuano marites, Minda Mora was a student of a well-renowned school in Cebu who was fond of performing arts. Unfortunately, one day…

She never came home.

The Misery and Wrath of a Girl

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Her excellence in the field came along with Minda Mora’s fascination with the performing arts. However, fate is truly envious of geniuses. So, one night, she stayed late in school for a stage rehearsal, and unfortunately, she never came home.

According to some oral accounts, Minda Mora was rumored to have been raped and killed by the school’s security guards in the theater center she was in. However, some narratives say that different individuals murdered her.

Her cruel fate and love for performing arts tied her resentment and wrath to the school’s cultural arts center. Apparently, when a person or a group of people interrupts an inexperienced performer, the ghost of Minda Mora will allegedly do something bad to them days after the performance.

Since then, brash comments, interruptions, and clamors during performances in the school’s cultural centers were never heard of again.

— Horror stories have become integral to Filipino culture since the olden days. Parents even use some of them to instill discipline in their children, while some historical hearsays state that the Spaniards used them to scare the natives so they could do their bidding when the natives hid in their homes after being scared by these stories.

How about you, Sugboanon? Do you believe in the myth of Minda Mora? Or do you have any interesting and chilling horror stories? Share them in the comment section down below!

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