The Cebuano Terror of the Night — Sigbin

Hala naay Sigbin, naa siguro’y ungo sa duol!

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The Myth of Sigbin

A Philippine mythological that is known to be commonly seen during the night. They are also infamously known for their vampiric tendencies in which they suck blood from their victims from their victim’s shadow.

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The Sigbin is known to walk backwards with its head lowered between its hind legs. These creatures also have the ability to become invisible. They apparently emit a very foul odor that can make nearby creatures nauseate. 

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Oral hearsays state that the Sigbins usually come out from their lair during the Holy Week, where they look for children to snatch their hearts to craft them into amulets for their own use. Some people believe that these creatures are reared by rich people or other mythological creatures like aswangs.

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In the olden belief, they say that if you see a Sigbin nearby, then it is a clear sign that an aswang is also near the vicinity. Hence, it is advisable to run if you see one.

What does a Sigbin look like?

Records that were passed down orally state that Sigbins resemble a hornless goat. They also have very long ears which have the ability to clap like hands. Their tails are long and flexible, which they use as a whip towards their potential victims. In some beliefs, the feet of these creatures are facing the wrong way which is the main reason why they walk backwards.

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— It is interesting to see that our own culture has many colors and things that are yet to be unraveled. However, it is quite sad to think that most of the current generation has forgotten about these legends and myths that were the foundation of our modern culture. So, fellow Sugboanon, join us in remembering these stories to further spread the beautiful colors of our culture and history.

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