#Horror: Guess Which University Had Prison Cells Beneath It

Wailing prisoners and eerie surroundings; guess which school in Cebu City had this creepy past?

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It was believed that part of a well-known university in Cebu City used to be prison cells. Late at night, some people say they can still hear the cries of the prisoners who were once kept there.

These eerie sounds add a creepy feeling to the quiet halls of the school’s Accounting Section, making you wonder about the stories of the people who were once locked up below its academic grounds.

Photo generated from Canva

Many people also find a hidden part of the school interesting: its underground tunnel. This tunnel is believed to be connected by the two state universities in Cebu City.

While the school has now closed and condemned the tunnel, it used to be a secret passageway. No one knows for sure why it was built or what it was used for, but it definitely sparks a lot of curiosity.

Even though you can’t access the tunnel anymore, its story still captures the imagination of students and faculty. They often wonder what might have happened in that dark and hidden passageway as they hold the unsolved mystery of the state university.

What do you think of this creepy tale, Sugboanons? Have you ever come across similar stories from your own school? We’d love to hear them. Share your experiences or any knowledge you might have in the comments below.

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