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NASA says Skywatching in May is amazing

Want to view bright objects in our solar system and beyond? Read on. Viewing of our mesmerizing solar system could be done during sunrise and sunset. According to NASA, every day in May, an hour before sunrise, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and the Moon should be visible to the South. This …

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Crime rate in Cebu drops by 70% under ECQ

2 capitol cebu city-1

The province of Cebu is more peaceful now than ever before, due to the quarantine and the vigilance in the barangay level, down to sub-villages called ‘sitios’ and ‘puroks’. An enormous drop of 70% in the crime rate is a feat indeed. “We owe this to the efforts and various …

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Quiz: How well do you know the Cebuano language?

It is sad reality that a slew of Cebuanos mix up their dialect, in some ways, with other languages like English and Tagalog for several possible reasons or situations. Even I, myself, am guilty of it. Though it doesn’t really mean we are ditching our own language, right? And definitely …

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Confessions of a Sugbuholic


“Kay makita man ang mountains..” I remember saying this to my mom as I narrated to her how much I missed Cebu back then. Yes, I was once separated from my birthplace for almost four years. I was entering my third grade in elementary then. As young as that age, …

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A Day in a Fiesta: An Outsider’s Point-Of-View

San Vicente Ferrer

Fiestas are one the most important events that are part of Philippine culture. Just recently, I got the chance to witness one of the grandest “small” fiestas in Cebu – the Feast of San Vicente Ferrer in Duljo Fatima, Cebu City last September 28. I got into the heart of …

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5 Reasons to Love Cebu

[slideshow id=31] People of all ages, of all races love staying in Cebu. I love staying in here, too, even if I barely know why. After 19 years of stay, I just realized that Cebu itself is the place where I would want to live for the rest of my …

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