Top 50 Most Common Cebuano Surnames

From Abella to Ybáñez, let’s check out the Top 50 surnames in Cebu!

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Cebuano surnames offer a glimpse into the rich heritage of Cebu, often tracing back to Spanish roots like the illustrious Caballero, referring to gallant gentlemen. Beyond mere labels, these names are often a blend of words, each carrying a story that whispers of our ancestors’ diverse origins and cultural legacies.

So, let’s get to know if your surname is one of the most common ones in the island of Cebu:

Top 10 Most Common Surnames

1st: Pepito

Meaning: “Jehovah increases” | Derived from the name “Jose” which is a Hispanic form of the Hebrew name “Joseph”

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2nd: Flores

Meaning: plural of flowers in Spanish or Portuguese

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3rd: Cañete

Meaning: small tube

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4th: Fernández

Meaning: brave traveler | son of Fernando

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5th: Ybáñez

Meaning: implies a pioneering spirit | a variant of Ibañez

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6th: Sánchez

Meaning: son of Sancho | in Latin, it can be translated as “your holiness”

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7th: Abella

Meaning: vapor or breath

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8th: Baguio

Meaning: Derived from the word “bagiw” which means moss

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9th: Gonzales

Meaning: battle or war

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10th: Pérez

Meaning: breakthrough

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Top 50 Most Common Surnames In Cebu

Why Are Surnames Important?

Surnames are important because they provide individuals with a distinct identity, connecting them to their family, heritage, and lineage. They help establish a sense of belonging within communities and make it easier for people to identify and relate to each other.

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Whether you’re familiar with its meaning or not, it’s essential to honor and uphold your surname, keeping the spirit of your lineage alive. Share with us in the comments below the stories behind your surnames and the places you believe your first ancestors called home in Cebu. Let’s celebrate the diverse backgrounds of our heritage together!

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