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February 14: A Single’s Itinerary in Cebu

1Singles Itinerary on Valentines

Being single on February 14 isn’t really a bad thing. It’s just that this day makes us very aware of that — a “Single Awareness Day” as popularly called. Well, I say this to every single person out there, and I mean all types of single: Valentine’s is not really …

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7 Great Breakup Places in Cebu

Breakup Places in Cebu

Breaking up is a nasty business. I’m sure that no matter the circumstances, it’s not going to be pretty. So if you’re thinking of breaking it up with someone or ending anything for that matter, the least you could do is do it somewhere nice. Be decent enough and think …

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8 Perfect Date Destinations in Cebu


There could only be two reasons why you’ve landed on this page – either you’re running out of ideas to surprise your date for Valentines or you’re searching for one thing that could knock your date’s socks off. Either way, you’ve reached the perfect destination for we’re unveiling 8 perfect …

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