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Gorio’s Bakery: A new way to enjoy bread

No Filipino tongue wouldn’t be familiar with the taste of pandesal or ensaymada. Their tastes have been etched into every Filipino’s childhood with parents serving warm, soft batches bought from the bakery on the dining table every morning paired with preferred warm beverages. Gorio’s Bakery has made it their mission to …

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Top 6 Places to Visit When in Carmen, Cebu

1 attractions in carmen cebu

Cebu is home to many wonderful works of nature, and the municipality of Carmen is no exception. This municipality has a rich history and culture; in fact, before the Sinulog festival was ever a thing in Cebu, Carmen had already a festival of their own similar to that of the …

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Areca Palm Hut: Secluded Nature Getaway in Catmon

Immerse yourself in nature with the modern bahay kubo of Areca Palm Hut. Areca Palm Hut is a modern vacation house that takes inspiration from the bahay kubo. It offers to guests a rustic getaway in the relaxing shade of its modern hut and the natural views that surround it. …

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A Ray of Hope in Daanbantayan

Yolanda was one of the most devastating storms that struck the country and it washed away homes along with the future of millions of families. In October 2014, barely a year after the storm hit the country, hope was delivered to the residents of Daanbantayan in the form of a …

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