Gorio’s Bakery: A new way to enjoy bread

No Filipino tongue wouldn’t be familiar with the taste of pandesal or ensaymada.

Their tastes have been etched into every Filipino’s childhood with parents serving warm, soft batches bought from the bakery on the dining table every morning paired with preferred warm beverages.

Gorio’s Bakery has made it their mission to allow every Filipino to experience those warm and filling mornings through their bread with a bakery where even those working far from home will have a space to enjoy these small fluffs of joy. It all started with a vision of the owner’s grandfather wherein people from different places would be able to just sit down and enjoy eating the bread together.

Photo by Pearl Quisido
Photo by Pearl Quisido

Inspired by his grandfather’s bakery in Libaong, the owner decided to create his own in a spot in Bogo City where there was no bakery. The design of their bakery isn’t your typical bread shop where people just buy but a place that also encourages people to just stay and eat.

A massive white container van stands at the center of their area adorned with plants and other decorations that give it a modern look and it houses the bakery inside of it. The chairs and tables are arranged neatly on the pebbled ground which gives the place a diner look.

Photo by Pearl Quisido
Photo by Pearl Quisido
Photo by Pearl Quisido
Photo by Pearl Quisido

They even have a second floor on top of the container to accommodate a greater number of people. There are also lightings and other fixtures installed that create a relaxing vibe especially when night time comes.

Their bakery sells classic Filipino favorites such as Choco Roll, Fig Pie, Ensaymonggo – a variation of Ensaymada, Pan de Coco, and the all-time favorite Pan de Sal. They also sell other bread that a typical bakery would sell.

Photo by Pearl Quisido
Photo by Pearl Quisido
Photo from Gorio’s Bakery Facebook Page
Photo by Pearl Quisido

Gorio’s Bakery also plans to expand in places where bakeries aren’t present to give other Filipino families access to these Filipino baking delights.



  • Choco Roll: P5.00
  • Ensaymonggo: P5.00
  • Sliced Bread: P40.00
  • Fig Pie: P5.00
  • Torta de Gorio: P10.00
  • Monay: P40.00
  • Starbread: P5.00
  • Binangkal: P5.00
  • Pan de Coco: P5.00
  • Pan de Sal: P2.00
  • Hopia: P5.00


Exact location: Brgy. Dakit, Bogo City, Northern Cebu — approx. 3 hours away from Cebu City.

The nearest landmark near Gorio’s Bakery is CEBECO. The actual location of the bakery is just beside JZ & G Building.

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