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Areca Palm Hut: Secluded Nature Getaway in Catmon

Immerse yourself in nature with the modern bahay kubo of Areca Palm Hut. Areca Palm Hut is a modern vacation house that takes inspiration from the bahay kubo. It offers to guests a rustic getaway in the relaxing shade of its modern hut and the natural views that surround it. …

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Hayahay Beach: 20-Peso Budget Resort in Catmon

1 Hayahay Beach Resort Catmon Cebu

Get the best out of your weekend and head to a place where leisure meets your budget. Hayahay Beach Resort in Catmondaan, Catmon lives up to its name “hayahay,” a Cebuano term for comfortable. The resort is a mix of vibrant weekend atmosphere, affordable accommodation, and an over-all comfortable feel …

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Northern Paradise: A Private Beach Resort in Catmon

1 Northern Paradise Beach Resort Catmon Cebu

Imagine having a paradise all to yourself. This is what Northern Paradise Beach Resort, formerly Mini Paradise Beach Resort, has to offer to its guests. Serving as a gateway to escape the stresses of the city, this beach resort lets guests experience paradise exclusively with friends and loved ones. Photo …

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