La Casa de Playa: Beach Resort with an Infinity Pool in Catmon

Dreaming of a pool or beach getaway? Well, there’s another budding resort in Catmon that is sure to satisfy your itch for a badly needed swim.

La Casa de Playa is a newly opened resort in Catmon. Although still a newbie, the resort is already attracting a lot of locals and reservations for parties and gatherings (with safety protocols of course).

The resort’s main attraction is an infinity pool that already encroaches the shoreline, making the waves slap into the pool. Scattered all throughout the resort are coconut trees, giving it an authentic tropical vibes. La Casa de Playa also accepts exclusive reservations.

Photo by Charisa Niña Ponce
Photo by Charisa Niña Ponce
Photo by Charisa Niña Ponce

Other amenities in the resort include outdoor showers, gazebo and cottages, and a parking lot. The resort is still in its final phase of construction.

In the coming months, they will offer overnight accommodations as soon as their rooms are constructed and fully furnished. They also plan to open a bar in the next months.

Photo by Charisa Niña Ponce
Photo by Charisa Niña Ponce


Entrance fee:

  • Weekdays: P100 per person
  • Weekends: P150 per person


  • Table and chairs: P200 (2-4 persons)
  • Cottage A: P300 (4-6 persons)
  • Cottage B: P500 (8-12 persons)
  • Gazeebo: P1,000 (20-25 persons)

Room rates: Not yet operational but price may range from P1,500 – P2,000 per night.

Other information:


Exact location: Central Nautical Highway, Catmon, Northern Cebu — approx. 2 hours away from Cebu City.

By bus: From Cebu City, ride a Ceres bus bound for Catmon in the Cebu North Terminal. Instruct the driver that you’re going to get off at La Casa de Playa (it’s just along the highway before the town proper).

By private car: Navigate using Waze or Google Maps and enter “La Casa de Playa” as the destination.

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