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Hayahay Beach: 20-Peso Budget Resort in Catmon

1 Hayahay Beach Resort Catmon Cebu

Get the best out of your weekend and head to a place where leisure meets your budget. Hayahay Beach Resort in Catmondaan, Catmon lives up to its name “hayahay,” a Cebuano term for comfortable. The resort is a mix of vibrant weekend atmosphere, affordable accommodation, and an over-all comfortable feel …

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Northern Paradise: A Private Beach Resort in Catmon

1 Northern Paradise Beach Resort Catmon Cebu

Imagine having a paradise all to yourself. This is what Northern Paradise Beach Resort, formerly Mini Paradise Beach Resort, has to offer to its guests. Serving as a gateway to escape the stresses of the city, this beach resort lets guests experience paradise exclusively with friends and loved ones. Photo …

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Aya Beach Resort: 60-Peso Entrance Fee in Catmon

1 Aya Beach Resort Catmon Cebu

Family gatherings have become one of the most treasured moments most especially during the pandemic which is its relevance today has become apparent to many. Aya Beach Resort is one of many resorts that prioritize fun-filled gatherings with family and relatives and offer their facilities at family-friendly prices. Aya Beach …

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