Water Ski Beach Resort: Newest Summer Destination in Catmon

Resorts nowadays have become more than just a place to rest and sleep. People are now no longer content with the same old amenities, they now look for a new experience.

A new resort offers just that. More than your usual sea and pool amenities, they have recreational activities that would surely suit your liking. Especially if your family enjoys the sea water more than anything, this definitely is for you.

Photo from Water Ski Beach Resort Facebook Page
Photo by Jeniffer Ruiz
Photo by Jeniffer Ruiz
Photo by Jeniffer Ruiz
Photo by John Romuald Ruiz

I’m not sure if you’ve seen other resorts that offers this, but this, by far is the first resort I’ve heard of with floating pads like these. It’s a wide floating pad that would surely keep all family members afloat. But, not only that. They also have a banana boat for an added fun, or a jet ski to spice things up a whole lot more.

They also have cottages and rooms where you can spend a night or two so you can really have so much fun with your family.

Photo by Jeniffer Ruiz
Photo by Rina Gumonit Lolor
Photo by Rina Gumonit Lolor
Photo by Rina Gumonit Lolor
Photo by Rina Gumonit Lolor
Photo by Rina Gumonit Lolor

Now going back to the first paragraph. This is definitely a resort that would cater to the guests who don’t just go out to rest and sleep, but to those who are looking for fun after the stress.



Entrance Fee

  • Adult – P30
  • Kids – P20

Room Rates

  • Overnight – P1700
  • Day Use – P1200

Cottage Rates

  • Overnight – P900
  • Day Use – P700

Recreational Activities

  • Jet Ski – P3500 / hour
  • Banana Boat – P300 / person
  • Floating Pad – FREE



Exact Location: Panalipan, Catmon, Northern Cebu — approx. 2 hours away from Cebu City.

BY BUS: From the North Bus Terminal, ride any bus/mini bus to Catmon. Bus fare is roughly ₱85 /head (one-way). Inform the driver to drop you off at Panalipan, Catmon, Cebu. Take a motorbike and ask to bring you to the newest Water Ski Beach Resort.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and search for Water Ski Beach Resort.

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