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SHOE SELFIE: How to do it best

If you are one of my closest friends, you pretty much know how obsess I currently am with footwears. And since I am obsess with them, I pretty much wish to at least take a SHOE SELFIE but, I don’t know how to get a close to perfection shot. That’s ...

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Get Answers To Your Questions, Only at Ask Sugbu!

You sure have a few questions in mind. Questions from plain curiosity to wittingly insensible ones. Like a proverb says, “A question deserves an answer.” We will give you an avenue for that and here it is – Ask Sugbu. We have answers to your most asked, less asked, not-so-asked ...

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Confessions of a Sugbuholic


“Kay makita man ang mountains..” I remember saying this to my mom as I narrated to her how much I missed Cebu back then. Yes, I was once separated from my birthplace for almost four years. I was entering my third grade in elementary then. As young as that age, ...

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