SHOE SELFIE: How to do it best

If you are one of my closest friends, you pretty much know how obsess I currently am with footwears. And since I am obsess with them, I pretty much wish to at least take a SHOE SELFIE but, I don’t know how to get a close to perfection shot. That’s why I did some research. I read magazines, blogs, and even watched some vlogs just so I’d be able to know how to ace a shoe selfie.

Don’t fret and waste time looking for articles because, I have everything in store for you. If you want to be the shoefie queen in your hood, score a few tips from this article by checking out the tried and tested moves below.

  1. I’m putting an emphasis about the importance of having a clean and manicured feet.  d8faa52421fc62702eaf4830b3bbc66d

    We want people to notice our shoes and not our nail dirt. Or, you may not have feet as pretty as whoever owns the prettiest feet but cleanliness can get you through. That’s why, this is the basic.

  2. Ask your followers or friends to help you pick the best color for you. 

    Pretty shoes times three will your give you triple the IG hearts.

  3. Treat the snapshots as if you’re taking a flatlay. 

    Be mindful of the angles as well as the beauty of the empty spaces. Do not feel the need to put extra “props” because the focus should be on your shoes and not those excess baggage.

  4. Sometimes, getting your feet up helps. 

    I’ve got nothing more to say but, it will really help. Just trust me on this.

  5. Opt for textured floors for backgrounds.

    Tiles, grass, sand, and cement can all potentially be the perfect backdrop for your SOTD.

  6. Natural light is your best friend. 

    The same with taking selfies, natural light will do wonders for your shoefie. Your shoes look even more special when hit by the light as it creates artsy shadows.

  7. But, don’t be afraid to use filters.

    Some of us may go to the extent of purchasing new filters to prettify their grids, but if you don’t feel like spending, you can always turn to manually adjusting the brightness, sharpness, and exposure of your shots through VSCO or even just on Instagram.

  8. Be creative with your poses.
    Just like selfies, you need to let your shoes do the pose too.
  9. Be witty with your captions.
    Puns are always welcome and your caption says a lot about your photo. “First impression lasts.”

Who knows, with your expertly curated shoefies, you might even wake up to a box from that new online shop asking you to take an SOTD with their new arrivals! To have your shoe size on record with other people – now that’s balling. Until next time, Sugbuholics!

Photos are taken from the wires.

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