#Sugbustagram Weekly Dose of OOTD: Passion for Fashion II

Since I promised to be consistent with my #Sugbustagram OOTD of the week, here I am, posting this new one. Sounds obligated, right? I wasn’t able to really pick a theme for this week that’s why I have this titled as; “Passion for Fashion II.” I wouldn’t want to get your eyes stuck reading this so let’s get this ball rolling.

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1This girl surely has a great taste for fashion. Such elegance in one photo. And, would you even believe me if I tell you that she’s one of Cebu’s famous Fashion Bloggers? She’s the girl behind issaplease.com. So, if you feel so envious why she’s able to ace this all-white ensemble (since most can’t do it), just say #issaplease HELP ME. [/box]

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2She said it’s a bohemian kinda Sunday for her and I wouldn’t want to question her. Monique Adrianne surely can top those tattered jeans and bohemian-inspired top. Good job! [/box]

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3I believe that you need not to really look so fancy to ace what you’re wearing. And this girl right here, Lorrie Faye Licayan is a living testimony that there’s no need for you to wear any accessory or those colorful dresses to look good. Simplicity is beauty and that’s what she is, beauty. [/box]

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4She’s a warrior and she looks hawt. This girl surely has an eye for fashion. After saying that simplicity is beauty, what more is being fancy? Seriously, I wouldn’t want to dare contest her outfit here. Kate Gabrinez can surely make necks turn whenever she passes by. [/box]

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5 Most of the times, wearing a Chuck Taylor in anything that you wear will actually look good. And this girl, Gleselle Cruz just did it! She’s by far the simplest in this group but that doesn’t mean she’s not doing any good. Hey, what did I just say? You need not to wear anything fancy just to look so good. [/box]

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6 I don’t really mind posting a group photo most especially if you will all look good. Hehe! And why am I posting this? Simply because they look good. When I say good, that means really good. And who wouldn’t agree? Seriously though, these Gallardo’s surely is a family with great style. [/box]

There you have it for this week! If you guys would wish for your photos to be here too, just send you OOTD photos to [email protected] and upload your photos to any of your social media accounts and use the hashtag #Sugbustagram and #SugbuPH. Until next time, fashionisties!

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