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Have a Lovely Holiday at Love’s Beach & Dive Resort

Panagsama Beach is already well-known for its jaw-dropping underwater views that have captivated every diver who dared to explore its waters. Due to this, many diving shops and diving resorts have appeared within its vicinity to provide every scuba diver with diving necessities. In a secluded corner at the far …

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The Woodside: A Showcase of Moalboal’s Tranquil Side

Your visit to The Woodside in Moalboal will show you why Moalboal is not always about white sand beaches and the famous Sardine Run. Nestled in the elevated and secluded parts of Brgy.Balabagon in Moalboal, The Woodside is an exclusive accommodation featuring two (2) native bamboo cottages and a wide veranda …

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Adventures of the Deep: Freediving in Moalboal

Freediving is the underwater equivalent of trekking and hiking. It is a diving enthusiast’s way of appreciating and communing with the nature of marine gardens under the ocean and the sea creatures that live amongst the ocean flora. Unlike its land equivalents, freediving requires a lot of patience, discipline, and …

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