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8 newly discovered Milk Tea Places in Cebu


I don’t know who gets tired of milk teas. It certainly isn’t me. I’m personally obsessed with it, and certainly isn’t you either because you’re here. With all these new milk tea places popping everywhere, it’s hard to choose or assess if this one will suit our taste or will …

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9 Popular Milk Tea brands in Cebu


There are no signs of stopping the milk tea craze. In fact, it is just getting started. Usually coming from Taiwan where milk tea originated and other parts of Asia, many popular milk tea stores are flocking in the Philippines, including Cebu. Whether you are already an avid fan of …

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Island Tea Co.: World-famous Sri Lankan tea in Cebu


Did you know Ceylon Tea from Sri Lanka is among the best in the world? Discover the varying yet distinct flavors and types of Ceylon Tea in the tropical island of Cebu, at Island Tea Co. Sri Lanka is known for their best-tasting tea. It has all the favorable conditions that are critical for producing …

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