ITealicious: A taste of Taiwan’s best milk tea and coffee in Cebu

Did you know that Bubble Tea, also known as black pearl/boba, was invented in the 1980’s in Taiwan?

The “Milktea for life” motto has originated there so it’s no wonder that they serve the best of the best.

Here in Cebu, ITealicious brings Taiwan’s best as they offer premium Taiwan based milk tea and other products such as brewed teas and coffee.

IT Park branch (near Harrison Park, across Zerenity Hotel)
IT Park branch (near Harrison Park, across Zerenity Hotel)

Affordable “me time”

Who said that having some “me time” should be expensive? ITealicious offers a variety of delicious Milk Teas and Coffee that would take all the stress away without stressing your budget too.

With their premium Taiwanese milk tea, a sit down with its nature feels and some good music, they have opened 9 branches all over Metro Cebu in just two years.

Staying at home? ITealicious is on foodpanda and GrabFood too!

Best-selling milk tea | Mactan (Wok Restaurant Maribago branch)
AS Fortuna (across JCentre Mall)
Guadalupe, Cebu City (Emilio Osmena St.)
Subangdaku, Mandaue City (ADG IT center)
Jones Ave.(beside 7-11 going to VCMC)

Creamy and Luscious

ITealicious has surely lived up to their name for their milkteas are creamy and oh so luscious. They are also very generous in their sinkers ensuring customer satisfaction. The Thai milk tea and Taro milk tea are a must-try for they are creating quite a buzz.

iTealicious is on foodpanda & Grabfood!
Two cups are always better than one!

Chocolate & Coffee Goodness

Good news for those who utterly loves chocolates and are crazy for coffee for they can be a part of a perfectly balanced diet if managed well.

ITealicious also has milk teas with dark chocolate and Oreo that will boost your endorphin levels sky high and a coffee collection for your daily good coffee fix.

They also serve other drink products like Yakult fruit teas, brewed teas, refreshers and even has chia seeds as an add-on.



  • Dark chocolate milktea
  • Okinawa milktea
  • Wintermelon milktea


Itealicious Cebu Branches:

  • APAS – IT Park – San Miguel Road, Apas, Cebu City, Cebu (near Harrison Park across Zerenity Hotel)
    • How to get there? Ride any jeepney going to IT Park. Drop off near the Avida Tower building (across Sugbo Mercado). From there, you will see a road in between Avida Tower and McDo. Walk a little for about 2-3 minutes then you will arrive at iTealicious Lahug branch, just few meters from Harrison Park.
  • SUBANGDAKU – ADG IT Center, Lopez Jaena Street, Mandaue City, Cebu
  • MACTAN – Gf Jinju Square bldg. Maribago, Lapu-Lapu City
  • GUADALUPE – Emilio Osmena St. (across Planet Vegis)
  • AS FORTUNA – Across J Centre Mall (beside Ngo Hiong Express)
  • CABANTAN – Cardinal Rosales Ave. (near Keppel)
  • JONES AVE. – 311 Conchita Building, Osmeña  Blvd. Cebu City (beside 7-11 going to VCMC)
  •  LABANGON – Katipunan St. Labangon Town Center (at Ho Ngohiong)
  • BULACAO – Highway Bulacao, Cebu City, 6000  (across Prince Warehouse Club at  Ho Ngohiong)

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