R’Cebu Expo 2024: Ang Dalit Sa Tersero Distrito

Craving for the most popular delicacies outside Cebu yet don’t have the time to travel southbound? Then, you’re in luck as the R’Cebu Expo 2024 will feature Cebu’s third district for its latest edition dubbed, “Ang Dalit sa Tersero Distrito”.

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Starting March 15 to 17, 2024, at 10AM – 9PM, Robinsons Galleria will be welcoming sellers and entrepreneurs from the third district: Aloguinsan, Asturias, Tuburan, Barili, Balamban, Toledo City, and Pinamungajan. A showcase of delectable food and drinks, along with exquisite handcrafted items will be displayed for purchase at the Level 1, Atrium.

The Humble Town of Aloguinsan

Known for its amazing attractions, such as the infamous Hermit’s Cove and river cruises, Aloguinsan is the municipality to go to for a quick water adventure getaway. Along with its beautiful natural wonders, the municipality also boasts the talents of its inhabitants as their local art scene continues to bloom. Also, they have their own delicacies to entice any foodie to visit their humble town.

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Hail the Queen of Bibingka Dawa

Asturias, Cebu, is the municipality where the Bibingka Dawa originated. Unlike the usual bibingka, the Asturian version includes a special ingredient known as the “dawa” or “millet,” which makes the delicacy more delicious and unique in texture. So, get ready to splurge on the “Bibingka Dawa” for this year’s R’Cebu Expo and all the other local treats of Asturias such as their healthy tablea and tasty chocolate desserts.

Photo from Cebu Provincial Tourism Office Official Facebook Page

Beyond the Tallest Falls of Cebu

The Municipality of Barili is well-known for having the tallest falls in Cebu, the Mantayupan Falls, and its dolphin watching activities. And, aside from their majestic and popular refreshing natural wonders, Barili is also home to the famous pinyato and salbaro that you can get at the R’Cebu Expo this Friday.

Where Natural Springs Are

Aside from the natural springs and attractions in Tuburan, Cebu, the municipality is also known as the birthplace of Cebu’s very first homegrown coffee. Merging its exquisite coffee beans and rich culture, coffee lovers will genuinely enjoy their varying caffeinated beverages and homemade crackers.

Photo from Cebu Provincial Tourism Office Official Facebook Page

The Municipality of Sweet & Savory

Balamban, Cebu is known for its artisanal taste which goes from sweet to savory through their crispy Balamban liempo to their Torta Balamban. These foodie treats and the municipality’s well-crafted wooden souvenirs can be bought at the expo.

Delicacies from the Copper City

Home to the country’s largest copper mine company, Toledo City prides itself as one of the fastest economically growing cities in the Philippines. The city is also the origin of the infamous “Puto Lancho” which is a sweet rice cake made from grounded young coconut and sugar.

Photo from Cebu Provincial Tourism Office Official Facebook Page

Municipality of Exquisite Dining Experience

Pinamungajan, Cebu, holds one of the most unique and exquisite dining experiences, specifically a restaurant that offers a dine-by-the-sea experience. Beyond that, they also offer delicious variations of Cebuano special delicacies that you can bring home as a pasalubong to your loved ones.

Photo from Cebu Provincial Tourism Office Official Facebook Page

So, whether you’re hunting for appetizing desserts and snacks or in need of a new fashion statement, the R’Cebu Expo 2024: Ang Dalit sa Tersero Distrito will be the place to go.

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