Balamban’s Nang Linda’s Restaurant: Home of the Best Manok Bisaya in Cebu

Balamban offers plenty of adventure and historical attractions to all those who visit this humble province of Cebu. It provides a feast for the eyes with its beautiful natural sceneries, and a surprise for one’s palate as it houses the Best Manok Bisaya on the island served since 1988 at Balamban’s Best Restaurant at Nang Linda’s Kan-Anan!

Nang Linda’s Best Sellers

Nang Linda’s Kan-Anan (a local term for restaurant) offers dine-in, take-out, and delivery services to its customers and diners. At the restaurant’s storefront, customers can find “luto daan” (already cooked) meals that can be brought home or enjoyed in the neo-modern al-fresco restaurant inspired by the local architectures of western Cebu.

If you’re curious as to what to order from their menu, here are the best sellers and usual orders from Nang Linda’s “suki” or frequent diners and customers.

Manok Bisaya Espesyal

Made with native chicken sourced from local growers for a healthier and richer meal, the Manok Bisaya Espesyal is a whole roasted chicken prepared the Nang Linda’s way. Each slice ensures a juicy, tender, and flavorful meat that everyone will surely enjoy. 

Manok Bisaya is a great dish to order as it is known to be the healthiest chicken that we can consume. It is believed to be good for your eyesight and heart, prevents bone loss, builds muscles, lowers stress levels, improves weight loss, and strengthens your immune system. 

Manok Bisaya Tinowa

Manok Bisaya Tinowa is a traditional soup that uses native chicken as the base of the dish’s soup and at the same time the main item on the dish. It is usually prepared with ginger, sayote, and malunggay to add to the richness and flavor of the broth.

Nang Linda’s Kan-Anan uniquely uses native chicken infused with the freshest herbs and spices. It is 100% organic without the use of MSGs which provides a richer and fulfilling taste for older and careful diners. 

Balamban Liempo

Nang Linda’s Kan-Anan also offers every Filipino’s favorite dish, Liempo. A type of pork barbecue that is marinated in soy sauce, banana sauce, black pepper, and lemon overnight. It’s also cooked carefully and meticulously so that it becomes tender and easy to chew on for the entire family! 

Pork Sisig

Nang Linda also offers everyone’s favorite Pork Sisig. It is made from minced pork meat, ears, and face that is also added with onions, chili peppers, and an egg in the center. This delectable dish can either be your appetizer or a main course to pair with a hot cup of rice.

Humba Espesyal

Lastly, Nang Linda’s Humba Espesyal is a family heirloom recipe and a staple favorite that the founder’s family always keeps for later and special guests. Nang Linda’s Humba Espesyal offers a delicious meal that isn’t greasy to eat but tender, sweet, and savory which is perfect for all ages.

Bahay Kubo Al Fresco Dining

Standing humbly along the busy National Highway of Pondol, Balamban, Cebu is a native bungalow alfresco restaurant of Nang Linda’s. Inspired from the layout of the first carinderia established 33 years ago, Nang Linda’s traditional Filipino hut with a high-ceiling and is made of native bamboo and coco materials found in endemic houses in the countryside of Cebu. The neo-modern design not only provides aesthetic local appeal, it also provides natural insulation for diners’ complete local experience.

Interior View of Nang Linda’s Restaurant
A View Inside the “Tigumanan” or Conference Room of Nang Linda’s Restaurant
Nang Linda’s Restaurant at Night

Local Food Icon Nang Linda

In 1988, Erlinda Villanueva Sangre, known locally as Nang Linda, first opened the carinderia then named “Boulevard Chikaan”. A small eatery serving mainly the local staples like monggos, humba, beefsteak, and chopsuey, its hefty portions and word-of-mouth from its loyal diners compose of students, drivers, conductors, and market vendors, made Nang Linda a local food icon and legend.

On July 28, 2021, in celebration of her 75th birthday, Erlinda “Nang Linda” Villanueva-Sangre chose to take a bold move by opening a full restaurant under her name, with the help of her children. 

Nang Linda’s Manok Inasal and Liempo Chopping. From left, Balamban Vice Mayor Alfie Binghay, Mr. Jacinto Sangre Sr., Mayor Alex Binghay, Mrs. Erlinda Sangre, and Property Owner Mrs. Concepcion Yu.

Nang Linda’s Kan-Anan opened to the public to cater the growing demand for well-loved comfort food homemade dishes such as: Hamonada, Humba, Balamban Liempo, Manok Bisaya Inasal, Sisig and a lot more.

Balamban Mayor Alex Binghay gives his welcoming message to Nang Linda’s restaurant.

As Balamban’s Mayor Alex Binghay shares, “Ever since I was first seated as Mayor in 1988, Mareng Linda has always served so delicious that almost everyone working near the old Municipal Building would dine at her small eatery.”

Nang Linda’s Kan-Anan: Open to Serve You for Dine-in, Pickup, and Deliveries

Whenever you are in Balamban, remember to stop by at Nang Linda’s Kan-Anan! You can also order your meals for dine-in, pickup, and deliveries! Tastes the #LamiSukadSauna dishes that you will surely love in Nang Linda’s Restaurant today!


Exact location: National Highway, Sam-ang, Pondol, Balamban, Cebu; next to Gas Up Gasoline Station– 5 to 10 minutes away from Poblacion.

BY CAR:  Navigate by Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Nang Linda’s Kan-Anan” or click this link >>> 

BY VHIRE: Ride a Vhire going to Balamban and upon arrival, ride a tricycle to go to “Nang Linda’s Kan-Anan” in Pondol.


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