Artsy Date Ideas in Cebu

Sanaol planning a date with an artist! So, to get into your creativeness, here’s a list of things to do in Cebu for you and your partner.

Cebu is where culture and creativity meet, making its art scene thrive and grow year by year. From notable paintings to engaging exhibits, we’ve got it all! So, if you want to get creative with your partner this summer, this one’s for you!

1. Paint By The Park

In Cebu, every corner is bursting with inspiration for your next masterpiece! Whether you’re strolling through Plaza Independencia, soaking in the vibrant energy of Cebu IT Park, or basking in the historic charm of Fuente Osmena Circle, there’s no shortage of scenic spots.

Photo from Imogen Isla

You can even go beyond the city limits and discover the natural beauty of rotundas near churches in the town centers of Cebu province. Even malls like SM Seaside City Cebu offer open spaces like the Skypark, where the city skyline can become your canvas. Or you can simply do a caricature of your partner for a more memorable keepsake of your romantic date.


  • Choice of canvas — For your painting session, choose between using a drawing book, a cloth canvas, or a simple paper.
  • Type of paint or art medium —There are tons of different art mediums out there, but the best options for a date would be watercolor, acrylic, or poster paints. These are easy to stash, and their vibrant colors will surely get you and your date’s creative juices flowing.
  • Brushes and pencils — You don’t have to use fancy brushes; the simplest ones will do. And of course, don’t forget to bring pencils for sketching before the actual painting activity.
  • Water and wiping cloths — Painting mediums can’t be activated without water, so bring a tumbler and a cup. It can get messy, so you might as well bring extra wiping cloths or wet tissues for the cleanup.

2. Visit An Art Museum & Gallery

If you prefer contemporary pieces, visit the Qube Gallery or Florentino’s Art Space. Traditional art and masterpieces initially kept in the US by fellow Filipinos can be found in the National Museum Of The Philippines. But wait, there’s more! Dive into nature-inspired art at the Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary, where pinned butterfly specimens take flight in stunning displays.

Photo from Dark Academia on X

3. Watch A Play

Why settle for a regular movie date when you can jazz it up with a live theater performance? With Broadway hits making their way to Cebu and homegrown productions by our talented Sugboanos, there’s always something exciting to watch. You can visit the local theaters in Cebu and inquire about upcoming plays and musicals to set a schedule for your date night. And the best part? You’d get to dress to impress, too!

Photo from Tatler Asia

4. Have A Photo Shesh

With the rise of the #selfie culture and social media, self-portrait studios are becoming all the rage! Step into the world of “Cheeez”, a Korean-inspired photo booth located in Elizabeth Mall (E-Mall). Or strike a pose at U-Click Self-Portrait Studio, with branches spread across Kasambagan Cebu, Talisay, Lapu-Lapu, and Liloan where you can capture Insta-worthy memories.


  • Pick a theme — Before you head to the selfie studio, agree on a color scheme or theme with your date for your #OOTDs. Keep it chic with coffee-inspired hues for a minimalist vibe, or go all out with bold and bright colors for a fun and creative twist! 
  • Use props — Get silly with the props at the photo studio! Don’t hold back and just try on that oversized pirate hat or rock those heart-shaped glasses. And if you’re feeling extra adventurous, rent costumes and transform into a princess and prince duo, or wear animal ears for some cutesy snapshots!
  • Loosen up — Most self-portrait studios have individual curtained rooms, so no one will stare at you while you pose. So, let go of your insecurities and let the model in you take over.

There are still many artistic things you can do, like taking a pottery class together or going to the latest concert in Cebu City. Whatever you choose, the important thing is that you get to enjoy it with your date and that the day will be memorable for both of you.

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