3 Theater Groups in Cebu City for All Ages

Ever wanted to sing, dance, and act on stage, but don’t know where to start your journey as an actor? Then, you’re in for a treat as Cebu’s theater scene continuously expands to cater to varied age ranges, from kids as young as 6 years old to young-at-heart fellas beyond the age of 50.

Nowadays, more and more people are introduced to the magic of theater, especially through Facebook and Instagram reels, and through the lip sync and dance challenges of TikTok. Acting prompts and even voice-over samples are posted on social media for anyone to try their skills. So, if you’re one of those talented “TikTokerists” or simply one who wants to learn more about theaters and plays, then it’s time to bring you into the real world as we dive into the list of theater groups that you can audition for: 

  1. 2TinCans Philippines, Inc.
Photo from 2TinCans Philippines, Inc. Official Facebook Page

Established in 2014, 2TinCans Philippines Inc. is one of Cebu’s premier theaters that’s committed to entertainment, education, and empowerment. Over the past decade, the company has delivered and performed tons of straight plays and musicals, including their latest performance of “Seussical: The Musical” at the Siddhartha Theater. 

Photo from 2TinCans Philippines, Inc. Official Facebook Page
Photo from 2TinCans Philippines, Inc. Official Facebook Page

As part of their March-May quarter program, 2TinCans Philippines Inc. has opened their official enrollment for their 2TinCans Theater Lab Workshops. The program teaches and encourages their trainees, along with their members, how to hone their skills and talents in singing, dancing, acting, and even theater management.

List of 2TinCans Philippines, Inc. Workshops in 2024:

  1. Musical Theater for Kids, Teens, and Adults
  2. Integrated Theater Arts for Kids and Teens
  3. Acting Workshop for Adults


Operating Hours: Ayala Mall Central Bloc store hours (10 AM to 9 PM)

Contact Numbers: 0915 043 7405

Email address: [email protected]

Facebook Page: 2TinCans Philippines, Inc.

Instagram Page: @2tincans.ph


Exact Location: 4F, Ayala Malls Central Bloc, Cebu City, Philippines 

BY CAR: Navigate via Waze or Google Maps and look up Ayala Mall Central Bloc located at I Villa Street, Cebu IT Park, Cebu City, Philippines. Once there, use the entrance near Dunkin Donuts for quicker access. Head to the 4th floor and turn right to a glass-paneled entry with a 2TinCans signage in front. 

2. Siddhartha Ensemble Group

Filled with talented coaches and artists who have superb dedication towards theater arts, the Siddhartha Ensemble group is one of the top associations that not only train their members but also opens up opportunities for them to travel abroad to perform on stage.

With the Siddhartha Training Program, the organization aims to sponsor a number of scholars to improve their musical theater skills. In their Facebook announcement, they indicated that they will accept auditionees aged 18 to 30 years old with various experiences, whether you are a newbie in the field of theater or one who has a background of the workings in front and behind the curtains.

Photo from Siddhartha Training Program Official Facebook Page

During the 12-month training period, the selected trainees will undergo music, dance, acting, and performing arts classes for a well-rounded experience; making the soon-to-be artists “triple threats” in the industry. There will also be a 6-month community exposure wherein the artists will be showcasing their talents on different stages and audiences as part of the training.

Photo from Siddhartha Training Program Official Facebook Page
Photo from Siddhartha Training Program Official Facebook Page

So, if you are interested in getting a full scholarship focusing on theater and performing arts, feel free to reach out to the Siddhartha Ensemble group and send your auditions in.

International Shows Performed By The Siddhartha Ensemble:

  1. Star & Cloud: The Musical – Performed in Taiwan after a successful World Premier last February 3 and 4 of this year, 2024 in Cebu.
  2. Siddhartha: The Musical – Shown across the globe including an Off-Broadway performance in Manhattan, New York, a show in London, England, and several other countries around Africa, Asia, and Oceania.


Operating Hours: 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Contact Numbers: (032) 254-8990 / (032) 231 3876

Facebook Page: Siddhartha Ensemble Training Program


Exact Location: Guang Ming College – Cebu, Chu Un Temple Drive, Englis V. Rama Ave., Cebu City, Philippines

BY COMMUTE: From Metro Colon, take the 06C jeepney since it’s the only one with a direct route that stops in front of Guang Ming College so you can tell the driver to drop you off at the location. Then, climb to the top of the sloped entrance where a guardhouse can be seen. You can inquire which building you have to go to for the theater program.

BY CAR: Navigate via Waze or Google Maps and look up Guang Ming College. Ask the guard at the gate entrance about your intent to audition for the program so he can guide you to the right office.

3. Teatro de San Pedro Calungsod

Embracing the religious hearts of the Cebuano and elevating evangelization are the goals of Teatro de San Pedro Calungsod (TSPC). For their 1st and 2nd quarter wrap-up, the organization will be hosting shows with both their new and existing cast members.

Photo from Teatro de San Pedro Calungsod Official Facebook Page

This March 2024, a series of plays will be performed by the thespians of the TSPC within one production entitled, “Mga Dula sa Gugma”. Following the series will be the organization’s production of “Laptop” for the upcoming 1st Cebu International Theater Festival on July to be held at the Marcelo Fernan Press Center at Sudlon, Lahug, Cebu City, Philippines.

Photo from Teatro de San Pedro Calungsod Official Facebook Page
Photo from Teatro de San Pedro Calungsod Official Facebook Page

In addition, Teatro de San Pedro Calungsod also successfully launched a production of “Paklay Para Canta Misa” in Korea last September 2023 as the first-ever full-length Cebuano play shown in an international theater festival.


Contact Numbers: 0999 706 3949

Email address: [email protected]

Facebook Page: Teatro de San Pedro Calungsod


Exact Location: Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod, SM Seaside City Cebu Complex, South Road Properties, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

BY CAR: Navigate via Waze or Google Maps and look up San Pedro Calungsod Chapel. You will be routed to the South Road Properties area where the main office of the organization is located.

There are still tons of theater groups out there that you can choose from. And if you’re not accepted on the first audition, then try again for the next season or visit other theater companies. You’ll never know, maybe the role or slot that you’ll land in will be the big break that you are waiting for. Break a leg, fellow thespian!

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