6 Must-Visit Places in Barili for your next south trip

How can a place famous for adventures become more famous? By adding more places to explore! As the COVID-19 restrictions ease up on some places in the Cebu province, the town of Barili has made preparations to welcome back adventurers and travelers.

Barili plans on opening new ecotourism hotspots for visitors to add into their go-to lists and hopefully interest those who’ve visited the town before to come back.

1. Dolphin Watching

The first dolphin watching spot in Cebu will be in Barili, according to Mayor Marlon Garcia. Due to the multiple sightings of dolphins in the towns of Japitan and Hilasgasan, the officials of Barili thought of turning it into an ecotourism opportunity which will also help the town establish itself as a new tourist destination.

An estimated number of 200 dolphins have been spotted in the area and are said to appear only 30 minutes after departing from the wharf. These dolphins are mostly Spinner dolphins and Fraser’s dolphins – dolphin species that are very playful and are also friendly.  

2. Barili ATV

This new and exciting tourist spot in Brgy. Nasipit is another must-visit in Barili. With 12 kilometers of dirt, rocks, and cliffs, visitors will be up for an exciting ride while enjoying scenic views of Tañon Strait and the western skylines of Cebu. There are three phases to this adventure with finish lines at the Bangaglapus Cave and Tinubdan Spring (other tourist spots in Barili that are also worth visiting). The prices vary depending on which finish line is chosen and how difficult the chosen track is.

As part of the “new normal” and also to observe safety, they have set up handwashing stations with trained guides who will give an orientation prior to the course. They also use disinfecting foams and ultraviolet germicidal lights on their protective gears after every use to ensure the safety of their customers.

Read more: https://sugbo.ph/2020/barili-dolphin-watching-atv/ (Barili ATV and Dolphin watching)

ATV Package Rates

  • Package A (Tinubdan Spring): P600
  • Package B (Bangaglapus Cave): P1,000
  • Package C(Packages A & B): P1,300

3. Blue Space Resort

Barili is not only famous for beautiful land destinations but is also blessed with waters teeming with life and other wonders. Blue Space Resort in Sitio Candugay is one of the places that boasts of Barili’s abundant marine life with various over and underwater activities. Because of this, it has become known as the one of the best diving spots in Cebu.

 What separates this resort from the others is the “Lutaw-lutaw”, a Cebuano word which means “to float”. Its name refers to the big bamboo structure that is situated a few meters from the shore which can only be reached by crossing a bridge. From the shore, this floating bamboo structure only looks like a couple of cottages over the water but upon closer look, resting underneath the cool blue waters is a 20-foot deep ocean world with various schools of fishes swimming around and colorful corals scattered all over the seafloor.

The Lutaw-lutaw has 3 small cottages for small groups but just recently, they opened a new cottage that can host up to 25 people. No other place in Barili can combine a fun gathering and an underwater adventure into a single place like Blue Space Resort. Aside from underwater appreciation, Blue Space Resort also has accommodations for visitors who want to stay the night and extend their time in the resort.

Read more: https://sugbo.ph/2020/blue-space-resort-in-barili/


  • Adult w/ pool access – P200
  • Adult w/o pool access – P100
  • Kids w/ pool use – P100


  • Standard Room – P1,500 good for 1-2 guests.
  • Family Room – P3,000 good for 3-4 guests.
  • Pool-side Cottage (good for 8) – P500

*All rooms have air-conditioner, toilet and bath, television, toiletries & towels

*Entrance fee is waived upon room or cottage rental

Lutaw-Lutaw Cottages

  • Floating Cottage (good for 25)                     – P5,000
  • Bamboo Cottage Small (good for 8)            – P1,500
  • Bamboo Cottage Medium (good for 12)      – P1,800

*Floating Cottage Rental is inclusive of life vests


  • Kayak – P150/ hour
  • Life Vests – P100
  • Cooler – P100/ day
  • Floaters (Salbabida) – P100/ day
  • Littering Fine – P500



Exact Location: Candugay, Barili, Cebu

BY BUS: Find your way to Cebu South Bus Terminal, which is currently stationed at Lantaw SRP. Ride a bus bound for Shamrock and get off there. From there, ride a motorcycle going to Candugay and inform the driver you are going to Blue Space Resort

BY CAR: Navigate by Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to Blue Space Resort. The landmark for the turn to Blue Space Resort is a Petron Gas Station 300m away from Shamrock. Turn right beside Petron and follow the map.

4. Anahaw Beach Resort

Another relaxing destination in Barili that highlights both the natural environment and great seaside views of the town is the Anahaw Beach Resort. Formerly known as Sanraka Beach, Anahaw Beach Resort is everyone’s tropical home away from home. This peaceful and secluded resort nestled in Sitio Cabacongan is just waiting for visitors to relax in its bamboo cottages.

Upon entering the resort, the first thing that greets visitors is a silhouette of Mt. Canlaon seemingly floating above the tranquil waters and a small group of mangroves near the shore that complements the verdant background opposite the sea. Lining the shore are bamboo cottages that can be rented and rested in as well. The shore is also properly maintained that the cleanliness preserves the beauty of the place. Rock formations also dot the shores of the resort with one even serving as the base for the bamboo dining area.

Air-conditioned rooms are not yet available as they are still on their soft opening but this doesn’t pose a problem because the breeze blowing from the sea provides enough ventilation to keep the rooms and cottages refreshing.

Read more: https://sugbo.ph/2020/anahaw-beach-barili/


  • Entrance Fee: P20/head


  • Big Payag: P3000 per day, max. of 10 persons
  • Medium Open-Air Cottage: P1000 per day, max. of 10 persons
  • Small Open-Air Cottage: P500 per day, max. of 10 persons



Exact Location: Sitio Cabacongan, Japitan, Barili, Cebu – a 2-hour drive from Cebu City and 5 minutes from Brgy. Poblacion

BY BUS: Find your way to the Cebu South Bus Terminal, which is temporarily situated at Lantaw SRP. Take a bus bound for Barili and ask the driver to drop you off at the center of Barili. Take a motorbike and tell the driver to send you to Anahaw Beach.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Japitan Fish Port”. From there, ask around for directions to the Anahaw Beach Resort or Sarnaca Beach Resort

IMPORTANT NOTE: To control tourism-related activities in Cebu, the Cebu Provincial Government, under Executive Order No. 20-A, has restricted walk-in bookings and created an online booking site for reservations to any tourism activity. Visit https://discover.cebu.gov.ph/ for more information.

5. Sayaw Beach

The pandemic did not stop thousands of graduating students across the country to receive their much-awaited diplomas. Following health protocols, many universities and colleges in the country have resorted to virtual commencement exercises.

Sayaw Beach Resort in Brgy. Sayaw, Barili offers you a great spot for a fun family celebrations, barkada getaways, or even simple vacations.

Read more: https://sugbo.ph/2020/sayaw-beach-resort-barili/


  • Entrance fee: P25 (adult); P10 (children)
  • Opening hours: 9AM to 5PM for Day Use


  • Day Use: P400
  • Overnight Use: P600


  • Standard Room
    • double bed
    • fully air-conditioned
    • with cable tv, toilet and refreshing shower
    • Rate: P1,500 per night
  • Deluxe Room
    • Good for 4 persons
    • 2 double beds
    • fully air-conditioned, with cable tv, toilet and refreshing shower
    • Rate: P1,800 per night
  • Family Room
    • Good for 4 persons
    • double bed and a bunk bed
    • fully air-conditioned, with cable tv, toilet and refreshing shower
    • Rate: P2,200 per night
  • Bedroom House:
    • 2 bedrooms
    • kitchen
    • fully air-conditioned
    • with cable tv, toilet, refreshing shower and a shady backyard
    • Rate: P5,000 per night



Exact location: Brgy. Sayaw, Barili, Southern Cebu — approx. 2.5 hours away from the city.

BY BUS: You can reach Sayaw Beach by getting on a bus headed to Barili at the Cebu South Bus Terminal. Travel time is around 2 hours. It is advisable to take the 7:00 AM bus so you’ll have a long day at the beach. You may stop at Shamrock for breakfast. From Shamrock, you can ride on a motorcycle for hire to Sayaw Beach.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Sayaw Beach Resort” in Barili. Parking space is available.

6. Estaca South Beach

A good time at the beach isn’t complete without a hearty feast of luscious food, right? Admit it, Filipinos have an insatiable mania of beaches and food and just the thought of these two together makes us jump out of our beds and head to the nearest beach in town.

With the easing community restrictions, more and more tourist spots and resorts have opened its doors to guests who have longed for a breath of fresh air for the longest time now. One of the newest attractions that are now accepting guests is the Estaca South Beach in Barili – a few hours drive away from Cebu City.

Read more: https://sugbo.ph/2020/estaca-south-beach-barili/


  • Monday to Friday
    • Pochero
    • Sizzling Sisig
    • Barbecue (fish, pork, chicken, hotdog, chorizo)
    • Bottled water
    • Soda
  • Saturday and Sunday
    • Kaldereta ala Diggy
    • Paklay
    • Lechon (roast pig) and Puso (hanging rice)


  • Entrance fee: None
  • Opening hours: 9AM to 9PM daily


  • Cottage: P500
  • Shower: P20
  • Toilet: P10



Exact location: Sitio Estaca, Brgy. ​Minolos, Barili, southern Cebu — approx. 2.5 hours away from Cebu City

BY BUS: From Cebu South Bus Terminal, ride a bus heading to Barili in the South of Cebu and alight at Shamrock Terminal in Barili. From there, ride a motorcycle for hire that will take you to Estaca South Beach in Minolos, Barili.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Minolos Barangay Hall” in Minolos, Barili. From there, ask around how to get to Estaca South Beach in Sitio Estaca.

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