Guidelines: Cebu now under Enhanced Community Quarantine

It’s official.

Cebu Province, including independent cities – Cebu City, Mandaue City and Lapu-Lapu City, has been placed under Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ).

Local Government Officials have already announced and signed the respective Executive Orders issuing the Enhanced Community Quarantine and its supporting information.

What is an Enhanced Community Quarantine?

Under “general community quarantine”, people are generally limited to “accessing basic necessities and work” while uniformed personnel and quarantine officers are present at border points.

The second level is called the “enhanced community quarantine” which generally means:

  • Strict home quarantine (going out for no valid reason is strictly not allowed)
  • Suspended public transportation (may vary per city)
  • Food and health services will be regulated
  • Arriving international flights are strictly not allowed. Departing flights are still allowed.
  • More uniformed personnel (with the help of AFP and PNP) will help implement the ECQ.

NOTE: The specific guidelines of the Cebu province and the individual cities in Cebu (Cebu City, Mandaue City, Lapu-Lapu City) may differ.

Banks, ATM machines, supermarkets, and pharmacies will still be open. Government offices will still continue to operate, as well as other private companies in the food and beverages industry, medicine, banks, telecos, and BPOs but with a minimum number of employees.


  • Cebu Province – Effective today as stated by Gov. Gwen Garcia
  • Cebu City – 12:00 NN, March 28, 2020 until 12:00NN of April 28, 2020 or unless sooner lifted or withdrawn
  • Mandaue City – 12:01 AM, March 29, 2020
  • Lapu-Lapu City – 12:01 AM, March 29, 2020

How to get a quarantine / ECQ pass?

Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) passes are for free and not for sale. One pass is allocated per household.

The pass should be presented when you’re outside your house to buy basic necessities in behalf of your family or when out for work.

There are two (2) options to get your ECQ pass:

  • Door-to-door delivery: May vary. Some municipalities or cities will be delivering your passes directly to your house. Distribution usually takes within 3 days.
  • Barangay Hall: In most cases, you will need to get it from the barangay hall.

In Cebu City, there are four (4) different color types of ECQ passes:

  • RED Pass: for Government Officials
  • WHITE Pass: for Crisis Management Team and frontliners
  • BLUE Pass: for NON-Cebu City Residents
  • GREEN Pass: for Cebu City Residents

NOTE: This page will be regularly updated as local government units further specify the guidelines. Make sure to bookmark this page, or follow on Facebook.

Cebu Province

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Cebu City

Executive Order No. 064 declaring Cebu City under state Enhanced Community Quarantine starting 12 noon of March 28, 2020.

COVID-19 Cebu

As the threat of the Coronavirus 2019 or COVID-19 rises every day, the Cebu province has taken a proactive approach and is pulling all stops in protecting the island. Here’s everything you need to know about COVID-19 and its symptoms:

With this, an Executive Order was issued for the implementation of the drastic but necessary measures to avoid the spread of the virus. For more information, head on to:

If you are sick and think you have symptoms of COVID-19, seek medical attention, call the local Coronavirus Health Information Line for advice: 0922-397-2334 / 0943-568-3298 / (032) 402-3091 / (032) 402-1269.

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  1. I am from mandaue Cebu plan ko na po Sana umuwi kaso Lang Sabi Ng taga barangay Dito need ko Muna mag under go 14days para bigyan ako Ng certification and letter of acceptance kaso di pa daw sure Ang medical certificate Kasi need Ang rapid testing na nagkakaubusan na SA city health Dito??? problema po ba baka Wala saka???saan kukuha Ng travel pass na dapat SA barangay at municipal po ba!???

    Thanks po
    Gusto Kona po umuwi talaga.

  2. Having thoroughly read this EO, it does not state there is a ban on the sale of Liquor/wine/beer. So is it safe to assume one can buy these items to take home for consumption?? In the previous ECQ, EO, Mayor Labella banned all Liquor sales & public consumption but, nothing is noted in the new ECQ. Your reply confirming this will be greatly appreciated! Salamat!!

  3. Salamat ka ayo sa advice ,nahatagan. Na sila ug quarantine pass katong diminggo pero twice jud ciya cgeg balik2 didto sa DOH ug police officer didto ciya nangayo ,Pag 3rd time naa koy nadungan ngalig free ra jud d I na ug voters ug non voters hatagan jud matag pamilya,mao to g Ingnan sila sa Akung ma2 nga ma file lan sila ug case Kung dili sila mutuman sa balaod ug free rna mao to nahadlok cguro mao to n ingun ako usa sa frontliners nga ( bitaw naa bitaw koy ihatag ninyo nga quarantine ,ug Dli ka mu speak out as in baliwala ka gyod nila )ang Akung Tiya silingan ra namu gi lampasan ra gyod ilang balay nabawo pa ug tawag Siya nga hatagan sila .so for sure ang uban nga mdyo layo2 pa sa amua cgro wa gyod toy quarantine pass .

    Pero yes twice gyod gi rejected Akung papa Dli lge gyod ko no pwd kay wala sila mka register didto .

    Pero nahatagn na sila karun kay n speak out sila nga free rana ug dapat kada pamilya mahatagn.unsaon na nila ang quarantine pass kaunon nga dili mana nila ihatag sa mga ka igsoonan.

  4. Nas koy pangotana regarding sa quarantine pass naa mi sa pinamungajan nag puyo karun pero taga aloguinsan mi sa una nganu Dli man hatagan Akung papa ug quarantine pass kay wala daw mu nka register sa ilaha. I what if kinahanglan mi mupalit ug pagkaon I though residents or non residents mahatagan ka ug free ra ni .naz man gud koy nadunggan nga e order pa daw na sa barangay Niya naa daw nay byad mao g Kung dili ka didto nka register dili ka mahatagan ug quarantine pass.

    Manghinaot ko nga May mu reply dayun as soon as possible tungod lunes dili na mka byahe ang motor kay wala mi quarantine pass.

    Salamat ka ayo !

    • You should report it to the police if this is true na naay bayad ang pagkuha sa quarantine pass kay as far as I know it should be accessible and available to anyone so long as you are a residing on that place whether you are a voter or not and it must be free wala ka dapat bayran. Please be aware of situation like this no one should take advantage even the authorities. You have the right to speak up.


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