Cebu implements drastic measures to stop spread of COVID-19

“We can no longer stand idle while there is a clear and present danger.” -Gov. Gwen Garcia

As the threat of the Corona Virus 2019 or COVID-19 rises everyday, and with 98 confirmed cases (as of this writing) here in the Philippines, the Cebu province has taken a proactive approach and is pulling all stops in protecting the island.

Covid-19 was classified by the Department of Health (DOH) as a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern” and is primarily spread from person to person.

With this, an Executive Order was issued for the implementation of the drastic but necessary measures to avoid the spread of the virus.

It will be 30 days of strict control over passengers coming in through its airports and all seaports.

“As we close our seaports to ingress of passengers, we are not prohibiting Cebuanos to go out of Cebu, but if they go out, they will not be able to come back in 30 days,” said Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia.

We have curated here all the information discussed at the Sugbo News Live with Gov. Gwen Garcia.

Current banned flights and ships

  • Manila
  • Dumaguete
  • Cagayan de Oro
  • Other places with confirmed cases

Banned flights and ships starting March 16 (12:01am)

  • Clark
  • Legazpi
  • Cagayan de Oro

Banned flights and ships starting March 17 (12:01am)

  • ALL domestic flights (Arriving in Cebu)
  • All sea travel (Arriving in Cebu)


  • Cebu province: 10PM to 5AM
  • Cebu City: 8PM to 5AM
  • Lapu-Lapu City: 10PM to 5AM

Classes Suspended

  • Coverage: All of Cebu Province (towns & cities)

Closed Establishments

  • Movie houses
  • cockpits
  • gyms
  • museums
  • cultural and sports centers

New Operating Hours

  • Cebu province: allowed to open until 9PM
  • Cebu City: allowed to open until 8PM
  • Lapu-Lapu City: allowed to open until 8PM
  • Coverage:
    • Malls
    • Restaurants
    • Cafes
    • Bars
    • Shopping centers

Gatherings are cancelled

  • Sports activities
  • Other gatherings


  • Free movement of cargoes shall continue
  • Mandatory quarantine of passengers will now include Spain in addition to those who have passed by Iran and Italy
  • Policemen will be deployed in all airports and seaports to monitor arrivals and ensure strict implementation of the rules.
  • Religious leaders are encouraged to practice social distancing in all their religious activities

Enhanced Community Quarantine

On March 26, 2020, the Cebu Province, including independent cities – Cebu City, Mandaue City and Lapu-Lapu City, has been placed under Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ).

What is an Enhanced Community Quarantine?

Under “general community quarantine”, people are generally limited to “accessing basic necessities and work” while uniformed personnel and quarantine officers are present at border points.

The second level is called “enhanced community quarantine” which generally means:

  • Strict home quarantine (going out for no valid reason is strictly not allowed)
  • Suspended public transportation (may vary per city)
  • Food and health services will be regulated
  • Arriving international flights are strictly not allowed. Departing flights are still allowed.
  • More uniformed personnel (with the help of AFP and PNP) will help implement the ECQ.

NOTE: The specific guidelines of the Cebu province and the individual cities in Cebu (Cebu City, Mandaue City, Lapu-Lapu City) may differ.

Banks, ATM machines, supermarkets, and pharmacies will still be open. Government offices will still continue to operate, as well as other private companies in the food and beverages industry, medicine, banks, telecos, and BPOs but with a minimum number of employees.


  • Cebu Province – Effective today as stated by Gov. Gwen Garcia
  • Cebu City – 12:00 NN, March 28, 2020 until 12:00NN of April 28, 2020 or unless sooner lifted or withdrawn
  • Mandaue City – 12:01 AM, March 29, 2020
  • Lapu-Lapu City – 12:01 AM, March 29, 2020


Prayer against COVID-19.

COVID-19 Cebu

As the threat of the Coronavirus 2019 or COVID-19 rises everyday, and with 98 confirmed cases (as of this writing) here in the Philippines, the Cebu province has taken a proactive approach and is pulling all stops in protecting the island. Here’s everything you need to know about COVID-19 and its symptoms:

With this, an Executive Order was issued for the implementation of the drastic but necessary measures to avoid the spread of the virus. For more information, head on to:

If you are sick and think you have symptoms of COVID-19, seek medical attention, call the local Coronavirus Health Information Line for advice: 0922-397-2334 / 0943-568-3298 / (032) 402-3091 / (032) 402-1269. OR, go directly to the nearest hospital or medical center or see a doctor and seek medical attention.

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  1. Sa study po ng mga expert po mahirap po talaga e contain itong virus na covid-19, nangyayari napo ito sa mga G7 countries, napaka advance po nila at mas advanced mga gamit nila, sapat na pera para magamit, at meron pa silang advanced R/D about prevention sa mga virus, pero ano pong nangyari sa bansa nila, dipo nila napigilan mag spread yung virus, Italy, UK, Europe, Japan, South Korea, America at iba pang bansa.

    At when it comes to socializing dito po magaling yung Pinoy, napaka hospital po natin, at palaging nag gather w/ family or friends. Culture napo ng pinoy mag gather in numbers 2 or more. Wala kaman makita sa daan , pero sa loob po ng mga maliit na daan doon parin mangyayari pag ipon ipon , inuman or kwentohan. At dahil po relegious po karamihan sa atin, mahirap po ipatigil yung Church gatherings and mass. Kasi po isip ng tao safe po at Holy po ang loob ng Church so why worry about the virus if you have faith ing God na protectahan ka nito.

    So yan isipin ninyo mga leaders ng bansa natin. Kahit anong procedure at protocol gamitin ninyo pag dipo nag cooperate yung religious groups , wala parin epekto efforts ng government .

    So what is left to us to be done, what option we have? Isa nalang po, dapat mag media or information campaign po yung government how to boost the body immunity naturally w/ affordable supplements like Vit C, multivitamins, bilad sa araw for 30 minutes, brisk walking in the morning or jumping up and down inside your house or any other indoor exercie will do, taking of VCO mura lang naman ito, boiling Ginger at inumin ito, taking crushed garlic a day, drinking enough water at iba pang herbal na ma afford ng tao.

    At last po is have your family members used their own spoon, fork, drinking cup and plate, wag po mag share share ng mga gamit na ito , dapat po kanya kanyang gamit, at sanitize lahat ng bagay na always ma touch ng tao inside the house, like door know, refrigerators doors, water faucet , remote control ng tv, pc keyboard and mouse. AT lahat po ng clothes na na expose galing sa public places dapat palitan po pag dating sa bahay dahil nabubuhay po your virus sa fabric surface, skin surface, metal surface at plastic , so pati cell phone ninyo dapat sanitize ninyo at iwasan maghawak ng pera , money or coins inside sa house , if humawak man ng pera , sanitize or hugas agad, kasi nabubuhay po yung virus sa pera if na exposed man ito sa taong infected. Pag galing ka sa labas (public places) first is sanitize your hands using alcohol , if wala alcohol po use tissue or plastic to touch the door know or gate ng bahay ninyo para po di dumikit yung virus if meron man sa door know or gate ng bahay ninyo .

    In summary dipo enough young washing hands , we need to sanitize yung mga bagay bagay na always natin hinahawakan at if sakling matamaan ka ng virus , your healthy immunity will come to the rescue po . so babagsak talaga sa immunity status ng tao, dapat e boost natin immunity natin before mahawaan, kasi mahirap napo e boost ang immunity if matamaan na, may chance parin e boost pero its better prepared na immunity natin kaysa e boost natin if may sakit na,

    Dipo edited tong message ko, dipo ako doctor, nagbabasa langpo sa youtube mga tips po ng mga experts.

    • lahat ng yan super possible.. but not to all ages…. obviously yong fatalities are old people or those with lifetime sickness at wala nang cure, they are just taking medicines to extend pa their life, hindi na kakayanin iboost ang health nila ng healthy na pagkain or vitamins or exercise

      kaya please lang makinig sa government may epekto ang efforts, tingin mo kung walang effort – less than 500 lang ba yong infected? di kaya if pinabayaan baka nasa libo libo na at daan daan na ang patay? (God forbid)


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