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Sunset Chasing at Aiykayes Beach Resort in Tabuelan

1 Aiykayes Beach Resort Sunset Paradise Tabuelan

Tabuelan is a famous destination in Cebu for a lot of reasons – beaches, waterfalls, springs, caves, farms and many more majestic natural attractions. One particular beach resort in Brgy. Tabunok adds to this collection of wonders with its unique jaw-dropping view of the sunset. Aiykayes Beach Resort or also …

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Durhan White Beach Resort: Tabuelan’s Little Paradise

1 Durhan White Beach Resort Tabuelan Cebu

Durhan White Beach Resort is considered as Tabuelan’s “Little Paradise” but the experience that awaits its guests is far from little. Located 90 kilometers from Cebu City, Durhan White Beach Resort is another must-visit white sand beach fringing the island of Cebu. As mentioned in its name, the resort’s well-maintained …

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The beautiful Maravilla White Beach in Tabuelan

maravilla beach tabuelan cebu

Cebu is known for many things: rich culture, amazing & friendly people, vibrant feasts, irresistible local food, and beautiful attractions. But more than anything else, one thing that usually first comes to mind when Cebu is mentioned — beaches. While Cebu has so many popular beaches, there’s this newly discovered …

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