FB Pokes & Varsity Jackets: We’re Officially Back in the Early 2000’s!

“3owh powzzz,” said the resurrected Jejemon from the early 2000s as he don his signature pink and black varsity jacket and poked his friends on Facebook once again!

Varsity Jackets Takes Centerstage for Men’s Fashion

Today’s fashion trends are inspired by the trendy pieces of Y2K, which meant that it didn’t take long for letterman or varsity jackets to make a comeback in the fashion scene. And the best part? The Night Market in Colon offers affordable pieces and tons of options. But, as opposed to the early 2000s jacket styles, the current one has more subtle color combinations: beige and white, olive and white, plain black, light blue and white, instead of the neon pink and black or the shiny blue and black combo. So, now you can style your #OOTDs with the varsity jacket without breaking your ensemble and still look cool.

Photo from FashionTIY
Photo from FashionTIY

Facebook Poke Is Back!

On March 19, 2024, at 8:31 AM PDT, Facebook’s “Poke” feature returned, and Gen Z is all for it! Facebook even posted on Threads saying, “THE POKE IS HAVING A MOMENT.”

Photo from Nerds Chalk

Since its humble beginnings in 2004, Facebook Poke has been used to be flirty, friendly, or annoying a friend. Aside from that, Facebook also improved its poking suggestions, which resulted in more users utilizing the feature. Facebook disclosed that there’s an increase of 13x in users poking on the app, and for what reasons, nobody knows!

Photo from FutureFive New Zealand

So, with the Facebook Poke and varsity jackets returning, are we a sleep away from seeing swoop bangs and Domo bags again? Or are we going back further to when chunky highlights were one of the fashion trends? We’ll see!

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