Fasting Beyond Food: What Other Things to Pause During the Holy Week

Who says fasting has to be all about delicious dishes and desserts? Let’s shake things up and fast from the everyday guilty-pleasures that keep us glued to our screens. Here are some fun and refreshing fasting ideas for the Holy Week:

Social Media Detox

Social media is addictive so break free from endless scrolling on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok by taking a social media detox! Just mute your notifications, place your phone from where you can’t easily see it, or maybe simply turn it off for a day or two. For sure, you’ll get to enjoy being able to live in the moment without the constant need to update the world.

Happy Hour Hiatus

Leave the cork in the wine and stash away the beer opener – it’s time for a booze break! Give your liver the much needed vacation and choose refreshing alternatives like water or herbal tea. Your body will thank you for the detox, and who knows, you might even discover a newfound appreciation for a mocktail or two.

Secular Music Switch-Up

Take a break from your usual playlist and groove to the soothing melodies of spiritual music. Explore new genres, discover hidden gems, and let the sounds of hymns and chants uplift your spirit during this sacred time. You don’t need to delete or throw away that playlist and album that you have, just stash them for a bit. Who knows, maybe you’ll get to find a song that puts you to sleep and calms your nerves when you’re about to break down, right?

Video Game Timeout

Press pause on the gaming console and engage in some old-fashioned fun with family and friends. Dust off the Scrabble board, challenge yourself with a crossword puzzle, or simply enjoy quality time together without the digital distractions.

Gala Reduction

Dial back on the weekend extravaganzas and enjoy a simple life. Use the extra time to finish household chores, de-clutter your space, or simply unwind with a good book. Your home – and your furry friends – will thank you for the TLC!

So, whether you’re fasting from screens, sipping on water instead of wine, or swapping out your gaming console for a board game, remember that the Holy Week is the perfect time to refresh, recharge, and reconnect with what truly matters.

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