There is Hope in ‘Hopeline’, A Mental Health Hotline in Cebu

Every single suicide is the world’s tragedy.

This is what we want to share to everyone – that every time someone dies from depression, the whole world suffers with the bereaved family. Let us all be reminded that having suicidal thought is nothing to be ashamed of.

Those Cebuanos who are suffering from depression are now encouraged to call this hotline to express their heart’s sorrows, Hopeline.

Photo from Hopeline PH Facebook Page

Jean Goulbourn, founder of Hopeline, realized upon the death of her daughter how much amount of sorrow one’s heart could actually carry before suicide. Hence, she redirected her grief towards a purpose that could redefine her life, Hopeline.

Goulbourn launched her second Hopeline in Metro Cebu last month. Hopeline is a 24/7 communication hub housed in Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center, for assisting people in emotional crisis and at risk of committing suicide.

During the launch at the University of San Carlos – South Campus, Goulbourn pointed out that 65% of the Hopeline callers were under 20 years old, and their problems were mostly about love which she pointed out:

“Yeah to love, but never give up. Life is worth living.”

She said that Cebu came next to Manila because majority of the calls they were receiving in Manila were in Tagalog or Cebuano. Hence, the Cebu Hopeline will be catering to calls from Visayas and Mindanao.

“Depression is a societal concern. We cannot deal with it alone.” – J. Goulbourn

As ambassadors for a good cause, we in the SugboPH community, are hoping that we all remind ourselves that not only those who are suicidal need a lifeline because we all need a lifeline, but we can also be a lifeline to others. Therefore, never say ‘No’ to a friend in need.

Photo from Hopeline PH Facebook Page

HOPELINE Trunk Line:

  • 804HOPE (4673)
  • 0917-558HOPE (4673)
  • 2919 (Globe and TM subscribers)

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