Altitude: Eat, Drink, Chill in Campo 8 Cebu

Elevate your dining experience in Campo 8’s new sumptuous mountainside eatery, Altitude.

 This diner by the road is Minglanilla’s newest food attraction. Serving hearty meals and possessing rustic vibes, Altitude makes it their mission to ensure that every person that stops by leaves with their bellies full and their minds relaxed – not only a place to dine and drink but also the perfect place to chill with loved ones.

Altitude is quite the distance to travel with Campo 8 only accessible to those with vehicles but with the famous man-made forest already attracting many Cebuanos and tourists, people will only have double the reason to pass by the quiet roads of Campo 8.

The main highlights of Altitude are, of course, the tranquil atmosphere and the enchanting man-made forests of Campo 8. The verdant surroundings of the man-made forest is a calming treat for the eyes and the rustic design of Altitude is the ideal theme that perfectly suits the natural background.

The relaxing experience offered by their open-view restaurant is a therapeutic escape from the cramped buildings of the city. Add to that the comfort of enjoying their mouth-watering food and trips to Campo 8 becomes as relaxing as it gets.

Their menu consists of various delectables cooked to perfection and made to make the mouth water. Whelm your tastebuds with the savoury flavors of their chicken and grilled specialties. Meat-lovers will keep coming back for their well-done chicken and grilled meat covered in thick, flavorful sauces.

Fan favorites such as buffalo wings, garlic butter shrimp, and crispy pata are also choices that can fill the tables. Silog specials are also available for those early morning risers who are visiting Campo 8 for the refreshing morning breeze.

 Achieve a higher form of zen with a mind devoid of stress and a belly filled with food.



Other Information:


Exact location: Campo 8, Minglanilla – close to Minglanilla’s Man-made Forest and Seafood di Bukid, approx. 1 hour away from the city.

BY PRIVATE VEHICLE: Drive going to the Man-Made Forest in Camp 7. Ask for directions from the locals around the area and ask the location of Seafood di Bukid. Just drive straight along the road passing the Man-Made Forest and you will encounter a makeshift eatery by the side of the road.

You can also navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Altitude” in Campo 8. Roadside parking is available upon arrival.

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