LOOK: Cebu’s own Man-Made Forest in Campo 7, Minglanilla

When we read or hear about Man-made Forests, the first thing that pops out into our heads is the famous Man-Made Forest of Bohol.

Not too many people, even the Cebuanos, know Cebu has its own Man-Made Forest in the town of Minglanilla, Southern Cebu. It surely is not a rip-off of Bohol’s, as it has been around for over 100 years now since January 13, 1916 (the OLDEST in the country!) and has not really been marketed as a tourist attraction.

Cebu’s Man-Made Forest is also called as the Osmena Reforestation Project (ORP), as it continually restores and preserves the forest after experiencing harsh damages from quarrying and mining activities long ago. It is an experimental forest station that covers 2,710 hectares and now a home of many species of trees, plants, birds and insects.

Campo 7 Man-Made Forest Cebu Minglanilla
Photo by Arvin Gesto

Recently, the Cebu Provincial Tourism Office (PTO) announced its plans to make Campo 7, Minglanilla as a nature trek destination and develop the forest as a weekend getaway.

Established in 1916, the project used to be known as the Talisay-Minglanilla Reforestation Project. It was initiated by the late president Sergio Osmeña Sr. In 1937, President Manuel Quezon renamed the site and proclaimed it a forest reserve back.

How to get there?

Exact location: Campo 7, Minglanilla, Southern Cebu — approx. 1 hour away from the city.

There are two (2) routes or options to take:


If you’re commuting, from the highway or CIT University or Punta Princesa, take any jeepney or multicab going to Tabunok/Minglanilla/Naga. Ask the driver or conductor first if it will pass by Tabunok. Disembark at Tabunok overpass. P8-15 fare.

From there, walk a little under the overpass near Rose Pharmacy until you see a lot of tricycles and motorbikes / habal-habal. Inform the driver you’re going to Camp 7 Man-made Forest. Fare is P40-50 per person (one-way). Travel time (habal-habal) is approx. 30 minutes.


From the South Bus Terminal, ride any bus going to Toledo — fare is ₱40-50 per person. Ask the konduktor to stop over at “Eskina Landing” with the landmarks of Don Andres Soriano National High School. You will automatically see a lot of motorcycle riders/drivers. Ask to the habal-habal drivers to take you to Camp 7 Clonal Nursery Building — fare is ₱30 per person.

If you’re bringing your own vehicle, simply navigate with Waze or Google Maps and search for “Camp 7 Minglanilla”.

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  1. You are correct. I agree 100%.
    Some “environment lovers” urge everyone to plant trees, never minding what species of trees are planted, thinking that by doing so, they become instant nature protectors.

  2. Typical dead forest.
    Reforestation using mahogany and other exotic or non native trees that cease to to give a healthy ecosystem in the forest, you can see on their leaves you cant see much of insects, bacteria on its soils or even birds on its branches. Because of its being a self centered species it drains a lot of nutrients that prohibit other plants or trees from growing.

    that is why we suggest and recommend to push on planting our native trees that can help, not only for the us but also from insects to animals and etc. that can benefit and can restore the natural cycle of the forest.

    so I am calling the attention of all people that wants to do a tree planting,
    please if you think that by just planting a random species of trees can help the environment to restore our forest, then you are wrong put it in mind that it is very important to know what type of trees we are planting.
    We need to restore the natural ecosystem of our forest in philippines since we have lost more of our major forest here. If we plant wrong trees a big possibilities that we lost any other species of living creatures from bacteria to insects to animals and then us humans.

    pag mag tatanim tayu ng maling puno paano nalang ang mga insecto na kumukuha ng pagkain dito mula sa mga puno o sa mga dahon kng ito naman ay hindi edible sa kanila.
    paano nalang tayo mag kakaroon ng malusog na uri ng lupa kung ang mga dahon nito ay nakakasira.
    Kung mali ang puno na itatanim natin paano nalang ang ibang halaman o ibang puno na hindi makatubo
    dahil sa mga exotic uri ng mga kahoy ang nasa kanilang paligid, paano tutubo ang mga puno o halaman
    na pwedeng makain ng mga hayop (vegetarian ) sa gubat kung maling puno ang itatanim natin.
    Paano nalang ang mga hayup na kumakain ng laman din ng hayup (carnivorous) kung ang mga
    hayup na kumakain lng mga dahon e wala sa paligid kasi hindi angkop sa kanilang panglasa.
    Paano nalang ang mga insecto na yung iba na didepende din sa ibang insecto na nag didepende rin kung anung uri ng mga halaman o kahoy ang nandyan.
    Kaya importante talaga na malaman natin kng anu ang tama.
    baka magaya ang setup natin sa “BOHOL MAN MADE FOREST” na matatawag nating “DEAD FOREST”
    kung ma papansin ninyu walang gaanung ibon at ibang uri ng hayop
    sobrang tahimik.


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