DOTr imposes “No Back-Rider” Policy

Department of Transportation (DOTr) implements “no backrider policy” for all motorcycles.

The aforementioned policy is in lieu to the Social Distancing and Community Quarantine implemented by the government. The “no back-rider policy” prohibits all motorcycle users, including private motorcycle users to have a back-rider.

“We have to take into context that the DOTr has made the move in a national perspective. Mao na siya nga ang motorcycle taxi, tanan gi-suspend. No back-rider policy was not issued for motorcycle taxis only. It applies to all,”

LTO-7 Regional Director Victor Caindec

Though backriders are prohibited, Secretary Michael L. Dino and Land Transportation Officer (LTO) 7 Regional Director Victor Caindec both agreed that family members should be allowed to back-ride as long as he/she is related to the driver of the motorcycle.

Should you be the husband/wife and son/daughter of the driver and both are living in the same household, you are allowed to be on the same motorcycle given that you present an Identification Card as proof.

We hope that even if immediate family members are allowed to ride the motorcycle, may we all be reminded that staying at the comforts of your home is still advised. Unless it is necessary to go out, please stay at home.

COVID-19 Cebu

As the threat of the Coronavirus 2019 or COVID-19 rises every day, the Cebu province has taken a proactive approach and is pulling all stops in protecting the island. Here’s everything you need to know about COVID-19 and its symptoms:

With this, an Executive Order was issued for the implementation of the drastic but necessary measures to avoid the spread of the virus. For more information, head on to:

If you are sick and think you have symptoms of COVID-19, seek medical attention, call the local Coronavirus Health Information Line for advice: 0922-397-2334 / 0943-568-3298 / (032) 402-3091 / (032) 402-1269.

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  1. You kindly clarify sir on the given guideline of no backriding on motorcycle… It is stated here that personal use of motorcycle is allowed as long as it complies with social distancing…

    I was riding with my son’s motorcycle on my way to Fuente Osmeña, Cebu City for work. However, somewhere in Mandaue City, near Gaisano Mart / BIR I was asked to disembark because of this guideline. I was made to ride in a jeep that social distancing is not being followed and two of the passengers were sneezing This is quite ironic… I rode in my son’s motorcycle knowing that she is healthy and made to transfer to a jeep which is not safe. . . . SIR, KINDLY CLARIFY AND MAYBE THERE IS A NEED TO MODIFY THIS GUIDELINE, IF NEED BE . . . Tried to look for your telephone number but unfortunately, the efforts made were futile. Kindly inform me

    Social distancing in public transportation are not followed and it is very imminent. Kindly coordinate with the PNP and AFP for their uniform men to be assigned in areas where possible checking will be made . . . PLEASE HELP!!!

    • Very TRUE!, private bike are way more safer that public utility vehicles, if given the opportunity to choose, I would rather ride together with someone I know (family member), rather than risking my health in a public vehicle, social distancing is a great way to minimize the chances of having the virus, it is applicable to the PUBLIC, to the PERSON THAT YOU DON’T KNOW! If you have a family member or even friends that you know that is HEALTHY then why not?

      I think bringing some form of I.D. is better, to prove that the driver and the passenger is related. Imposing no passengers for private bikes is bullshit.


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