What you should know about the Community Quarantine in Cebu City

Mayor Edgardo Labella places Cebu City under “community quarantine” from March 16 until April 14, 2020 to control the spread of the pandemic, the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19).

Though a lot of preventive measures have been imposed, placing the city under Community Quarantine is believed to be one of the best options for the government to protect the people.

With all these happenings, here are the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Community Quarantine in Cebu:

• What is the difference between a Lockdown and Community Quarantine?

– During Lockdown, everyone is mandated to stay at home. The Government will be providing all their basic needs. Relief goods will also be brought to every house. Only one member per household is allowed to go out to buy food or personal necessities.

– On the other hand, during Community Quarantine, Everyone is allowed to go outside of their home, attend to their jobs. However, you are only allowed to do all these within your community.

• When did the Community Quarantine imposed?

– Mayor Edgardo Labella imposed the Community Quarantine period from March 16 at 11:59PM until April 14, 2020.

• What happens during a Community Quarantine?

– Community Quarantine restricts travelling in and out of Cebu City. This is done to control the spread of the pandemic.

– Classes in all levels are suspended and mass gatherings are also prohibited.

– Private establishments are encouraged to allow their employees to work from home during this period.

• Are malls and other commercial establishments still open during this period?

– Yes. Malls and other commercial establishments in Cebu are still allowed to operate, but are mandated to close at 8PM.

• Where can we buy our medicines if malls are already closed?

– Even though malls and other commercial establishments are mandated to shut down at 8PM, medical centers and pharmacies, or even health-care clinics are still allowed to operate beyond 8PM.

• Are we safe when we enter malls?

– Malls are advised to check their visitors’ body temperature and place hand sanitizers / alcohol for mall-goers’ usage.

• Until when will the suspension of classes last?

– Mayor Edgardo Labella extended the suspension of classes in both public and private institutions at all levels until April 14, 2020.

• Will government services be available during this period?

– According to Mayor Labella, government work is not disrupted despite the issuance of an executive order placing the entire city under “General Community Quarantine.”

– However, city government workers will only be reporting for work from 8AM to 6PM, Mondays to Thursdays.

• Can I still travel to Cebu?

– Seaports in the city were already closed for arriving passengers, except for the cargo deliveries of our essential goods.

• Will a curfew be implemented?

– Yes. A 9-hour curfew has already been implemented in the city from 8PM to 5AM.

• Will we still be able to buy our necessities?

– Yes. Personal necessities will still be accessible.

– However, Mayor Labella banned the sale of liquor during this period.

Though everyone is still allowed to leave their homes, everyone is also encouraged to just stay at home and keep themselves safe. Let us join together in praying for this pandemic to come to an end.

COVID-19 Cebu

As the threat of the Coronavirus 2019 or COVID-19 rises every day, the Cebu province has taken a proactive approach and is pulling all stops in protecting the island. Here’s everything you need to know about COVID-19 and its symptoms: https://sugbo.ph/2020/corona-virus-in-cebu/

With this, an Executive Order was issued for the implementation of the drastic but necessary measures to avoid the spread of the virus. For more information, head on to: https://sugbo.ph/2020/cebu-implements-drastic-measures/

If you are sick and think you have symptoms of COVID-19, seek medical attention, call the local Coronavirus Health Information Line for advice: 0922-397-2334 / 0943-568-3298 / (032) 402-3091 / (032) 402-1269.

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  1. i live in car car with my pregnant girlfriend i arrived in the philippines nov 2nd 2018 and plan to get married soon i have to get to lapu lapu on wednesday to pick up my new acr card and want to get my drivers liscence in talisay will there be problems? who can i call about where to get my visa extended

  2. As soon as i arrived at the airport 21 March from Australia via Singapore, I have been put in quarantine at a hotel for 14 days although I have residency in Dipolog. I am concerned if a lockdown take place I will not be able to leave the hotel which I will not be able to afford in long term and may not be allowed to leave for my home in Dipolog. Please advise What I should do. The people that organised the quarantine at the airport did not gave us a phone number to contact them for assistance in case of urgency. Do you have a contact number or email I can put my case to them.
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