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BBQ dining with a view at Chixboy in Busay

1 Chixboy BBQ Busay Cebu City

It is inevitable for Cebuanos to keep dominating the food scene here in the Philippines. From your friendly neighborhood kwek-kwek carts to the nearest malls, Cebuanos can really pique your palate everywhere. While others find their fancy in posh restaurants, others also opt for an al fresco dining experience. Especially …

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Cabanas: Casual Tambayan in Busay

1 Cabanas Tops Busay Cebu

The mountain views of Busay, Cebu is a known haven for relaxation and needed breaks from the overwhelming stress of the city. Cabanas, a casual tambayan (hangout) among the many restaurants and establishments that line the slope of the mountain barangay, offers not only a breath of fresh air but …

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