Still at the top: ‘Top of Cebu’ Restaurant with a Spectacular View

Boasting a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 on its Facebook page, the restaurant Top of Cebu keeps a top rating despite the challenging times.

And really, who wouldn’t rate the restaurant highly when it provides a splendid dining experience over a spectacular view of Cebu City?

Stellar view and mellow ambience

Tops Lookout is a name that will ring a bell with any Cebuano, and many of us have been to the sightseeing attraction that flaunts an almost 180-degree panorama of Metro Cebu.

Sure enough, the Top of Cebu restaurant shares not only the name of the famous lookout, it shares the impressive view as well!

Whether day or night, the scene will be just as breathtaking. Gaze over the miniaturized signature skyscrapers of Cebu City behind the contour of the lush mountain range.

Photo From Top of Cebu Facebook Page
Photo From Top of Cebu Facebook Page
Photo From Top of Cebu Facebook Page
Photo From Top of Cebu Facebook Page
Photo From Top of Cebu Facebook Page

During the day, the view is a refreshing contrast of the green forest, city backdrop, and the blue sea in the far distance. After sunset when the colors die down and night takes over, the view transforms into a sparkling sea of city lights – a glittering image that truly never gets old.

The view alone makes the trip up worth it, yet the ambience adds more to the Top of Cebu experience. A wide open-air setting intermingles the surrounding forest scenery with the dining area, creating a cozy space with cool weather at any time of day.

Honestly, staying in Top of Cebu will make you lose track of time.

Top-class cuisine

Top of Cebu has remained in its place not only because of the view, the restaurant’s unique appreciation of food and elevated approach to cooking is definitely a large contribution to its regard.

The restaurant takes local favorites and famous international food and adds their own refreshing twist. Recipes that stood the test of time and thousands of tastebuds are enhanced to a whole new level of flavor!

Photo From Top of Cebu Facebook Page

Their specialties are such delightful surprises, here are just a few of their remarkable recreations:

  • Pancit de Cebu: spicy and savory pancit canton noodles and crispy fried noodles stir fried with meats, seafood, and vegetables that create a perfectly balanced array of flavors.
  • Salted Egg Calamares: the crowd favorite, perfectly breaded and fried with a soft chewy squid waiting inside. The Top of Cebu touch is a generous sprinkle of salted egg powder and a tasty mango salsa and aioli dip that match perfectly with the calamares.
  • Frutti di mare, Aglio e olio: It’s often said to avoid seafood when it’s sold more than 5 kilometers away from the ocean. Disregard this advise and order this dish, trust us. The savory quality of this classic pasta dish is amplified and a dash of spiciness is added, while it keeps its lightness. If you’re not fond of eating shellfish, this might very well change your mind.
  • Crispy pata: A true favorite loved by the masses. On this one, they stick to the usual and adhere to the classic recipe, but their execution is just perfect. The pork leg is seasoned flawlessly, and the texture is just right – crunchy on the outside, chewy and soft in the inside.
Photo From Top of Cebu Facebook Page
Photo From Top of Cebu Facebook Page
Photo From Top of Cebu Facebook Page
Photo From Top of Cebu Facebook Page

Top of Cebu has an extensive menu featuring more of their creative renditions and more favorites. We highly recommend exploring them and tasting them firsthand!

Now, before you enjoy the view and the sumptuous food, make sure to dress up or bring a sweater!



Photo From Top of Cebu Facebook Page
Photo From Top of Cebu Facebook Page

Other Information:


Exact location: Brgy. Busay, Cebu Transcentral Highway, Cebu City – just beside the popular Tops Lookout (20 to 30 minutes from JY Square Mall in Lahug)

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to“Top of Cebu” in Busay. The restaurant can be found just beside the popular Tops Lookout. Spacious parking space is available.

BY MOTORBIKE: Habal-habal drivers are available near JY Square Mall (Jollibee area) and offer rides to Tops for around ₱100, depending on your negotiations.

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