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5 Charming Glamping Sites in Cebu

Camping is one way of escaping and relaxing at the same time. And to cater to the comfort and relaxation that we need thus Glamorous Camping “Glamping” was born. Glamorous camping just makes the experience better without going through the struggle of setting up the tent from the ground up and bring …

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10 Attractions in Cebu You Can Visit For FREE!

There are times, if not all the time, that you cannot withhold your wanderlust. You want to continue moving your feet and exploring throughout the world, uncovering all the hidden secrets and gems of Cebu. However, there are also times, if not all the time, when we’re broke i.e. don’t …

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16 Must-Visit Attractions in Cebu this Summer 2021

It is a known fact that the island of Cebu is in itself a natural wonder with beautiful destinations scattered all over. Aside from its natural gifts, various private corporations in cooperation with the local government are working hand-in-hand to create progressive strides to make the province a better place …

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5 Must-Visit Spots in Compostela

1 attractions in compostela cebu

A third-class municipality located in northern Cebu, Compostela may seem like a sleepy town at first, but it also boasts of several tourist spots that will surely make your Sugbo trip more worthwhile. 1. Q Park A 200-hectare park popular to both tourists and religious pilgrims,– The Q Park is …

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Cebu Travel Goals: Just a RedDoorz Away


Cebu, the ‘Queen City of the South’, couldn’t be more apt – its magnificent kingdom with beaches, tourist attractions, and even establishments, are even more precious than jewels. Cebu is truly a showcase of what you can find in the entire Philippines. This Cebu travel guide has all you need …

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