New in Cebu: WINGMAN Unlimited Chicken Wings, Fries, Rice for 299 Pesos

Minglanilla, Cebu Sugbo Foods Group’s newest flagship store has officially launched its soft opening. Minglanillahons and Cebuanos can now enjoy Unlimited Chicken, Fries, Gravy, and Rice for a promo price of P299 per person at the newly opened WINGMAN Unlimited Chicken

Nestled in Plaza Margarita, Minglanilla, WINGMAN Unlimited Chicken goes on a mission to give a true-value-for-money dining experience. For just 299 Pesos, diners can enjoy five fantastic flavors of chicken wings, such as Classic, Garlic Parmesan, Buffalo, Honey Garlic, Teriyaki, and a surprise flavor coming soon.

WINGMAN: A Friend Who Supports

Why WINGMAN? Ram Mancelita, Proprietor of Sugbo Foods Group, explained how WINGMAN means “a friend or partner who accompanies and supports you.”

He also expressed how the store name is inspired by his dad in heaven. “He’s been our ultimate WINGMAN-celita. He was the one who pushed us to open a restaurant. Aside from that, WINGMAN represents our confidants, our partners, friends, and family.”

[Left] Ram Mancelita, President, and [Right] Jesse Jake Daan, Chief Branding Officer

As you enter the two-floor establishment, WINGMAN Unlimited Chicken is painted red. According to Jesse Jake Daan, Sugbo Foods Group’s Chief Branding Officer, red signifies not only their lucky color but also the color of the late Mr. Robert Mancelita’s trophy car. 

Meanwhile, the corrugated GI sheets are a symbolic nod to their past endeavors in poultry farming, echoing the family’s collective efforts and learning experiences. The mesh artfully symbolizes the wisdom imparted by their father, embodying his belief in teamwork and mutual support, much like the interwoven strands of a mesh.

Furthermore, the incorporation of stainless steel in the restaurant’s design pays homage to the father’s admiration for well-crafted stainless steel, a material known for its strength and resilience. Complementing this, the LED lights serve a dual purpose: they not only illuminate the space but also symbolize the guiding light of a father, beckoning him home.

WINGMAN Unlimited Chicken not only pushes forward good service and value-for-money dining but is also a testament to a father’s sacrifices and inspiration to his family.

Celebrate togetherness and create memories with family and friends at the new WINGMAN Unlimited Chicken.

About Sugbo Foods Group:

SUGBO FOODS GROUP  is a Cebu homegrown company with a group of restaurants that offer a true value-for-money dining experience. In less than 2 years, the company has expanded its portfolio to four restaurants including Jj’s Halo-Halo & Desserts and MIGAG Unlimited Samgyupsal (Minglanilla and Talamban branches).

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