Pitch Your Tent At Talisay City’s Newest Wilderness Campgrounds

Situated at Tapul, Talisay City, Cebu, this camping site is a recent gem and was just established last year, 2023. It is slowly gaining popularity due to the place being blanketed by crisps foggy nights, adding to its serene ambiance.

Photo from Jeffrey Monilla

La Presa Wilderness campgrounds are also free for all, but guests and campers must make reservations in advance to manage the number of visitors and ensure everyone enjoys a top-notch camping experience. And, you don’t have to worry about safety since there is a guard appointed by the campground management to stay from sunset to sunrise. 

Mesmerizing fireflies also dance around the campgrounds, making the scenery even more breathtaking with the Benguet pine trees. To top it all off, a 36-year-old water well, known as “Isoy”, serves as the main water source for campers, offering a refreshing drink to quench thirst when the sun hits high noon. 

Photo from Jeffrey Monilla
Photo from Jeffrey Monilla

After a long day, you can go back to the campgrounds and unwind while on a swing, sipping on their specialty milkshake. And if you don’t have camping gear, then don’t worry since they have tents and chairs for rent that’s good for 5 pax. Meat is also available for purchase if you want to grill delicious meals because their store sells freshly butchered pork every Saturday.

Watersource is still under development but fret not because there are stores at the camp entrance for essential items. Parking fees can range between Php20.00 to Php50.00, depending on the type of vehicle.

Photo from Jeffrey Monilla


  1. Hiking

Going on a scenic hike helps unwind the mind and body as you embrace the great outdoors through the natural surroundings of the campgrounds. However, be sure to seek assistance from either the locals or a tour guide if you plan on heading far from camp for a safe and enjoyable adventure.

  1. Trekking to Luayan Waterfalls

One of Talisay’s hidden treasures is the Luayan Waterfalls. With just a 30-minute trek, you’ll get to take a quick dip into its fresh cascading waters. Trust us, the journey is as rewarding as the destination itself!

  1. Bonfire

A camping experience is only truly complete with the warmth of a cozy bonfire under the stars. Luckily, the campgrounds welcome the tradition of gathering around the flames and even let campers use the fallen branches for the fire.


Contact Number: 0927 027 9372

Facebook Page: La Presa Wilderness


Exact Address: Campo Tapul, Talisay City, Cebu, Philippines

BY CAR: Navigate via Waze or Google Maps and pin Sitio Campo Gym, Tapul, Talisay City, Cebu. It may take up to 20 minutes from Talisay City Highway to the back of the gym. Once you arrive, walk from the gym to the campground; it’s usually a 3-5 minute walk.

In addition to serving as a camping ground, La Presa Wilderness is also committed to enhancing the environment by planting more trees, including pine trees, within the area. A portion of the donations received from their camp cleaning efforts goes to their Pine Tree Project. So, when you camp at La Presa, not only will you be benefiting yourself, but you’ll also get to help in developing Talisay City’s beautiful wilderness.

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